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I’m not sure where to start. I’ve been reviewing all of the discussing regarding latex mattresses and am convinced that is the type of mattress that i want. However, when I look at options in the Cincinnati area it appears that they are very limited. Only option coming up on a search was Ashley Furniture and their manufactured bed. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi MHA2000,

There are two regional factory direct manufacturers with outlets in Cincinnati. All their latex models have an inch of polyfoam in the quilting or comfort layer which is within what I consider to be an acceptable limit.

Find an Original Mattress Factory Store Carries the Latex and the Latex Supreme. Note that they are both often shown on a box spring rather than a solid foundation so make sure you test these on both as the foundation may change the feel a fair bit. Carries the Snowmass and the Aspen. There are a few others with “latex” in the name but the amount of latex in them is insignificant and not worth looking at.

I would certainly start with these as the value here is almost certainly better than most if not all the other outlets in Cincinnati.

If none of these are suitable … then your feedback from testing them would help provide valuable information about a possible online purchase with different layering if that is necessary.



Thank you for the response. Being new to the mattress underground I’m still learning the system. After trips to the local big chains it is refreshing to find other options since the sales hype doesn’t match up to the information and detail that you provide. When I hear of a latex mattress and look at the spec sheet and see that it has .79 " inches of latex I now know what you mean when you say read the specs. Your mattress forum has been the best resource for learning about quality and what will be best for my next mattress purchase. I appreciate the opportunity to learn and knowledge that you provide so that I’m informed in my buying decision.

I’d like to welcome as our newest manufacturing member of The Mattress Underground.

There are many mattress manufacturers in the Los Angeles area with a wide range of mattresses, quality, and prices and its been an ongoing process to talk to many of them on my list. When I first called Flexus comfort and had a chance to speak with Henry the owner … it was like a breath of fresh air. We ended up talking over the course of several hours and several conversations about mattresses, what he was building, and the industry in general and it became clear very quickly that he was exactly the type of manufacturer that The Mattress Underground was designed to help people discover.

He has been in business for a long time, is knowledgeable, focused on helping people, and quietly building high quality mattresses that have great value. In other words … he is what I call “mattress people”. It’s always exciting for me to make these kind of discoveries and get to know another manufacturer who is so closely aligned with the goals and values of this site and I’m excited to include Flexus Comfort and Henry to the growing list of what I consider to be “the best of the best”.


Hello All,

I’d like to welcome who is the newest member of The Mattress Underground. They are also the first “retail direct” member of the group.

While many sleep shops that offer mattresses made by local or alternative brands offer better quality and value than most mass market outlets … it’s unusual for one of them to truly compete with the better factory direct manufacturers. They are one of the exceptions.

One of the owners, Joe, initially emailed me after spending several days on the site and getting quite excited that the values, ideas, and information here was a mirror of how he himself did business. I talked with him for quite a few hours asking many pointed questions to truly get a sense of who they were and the type of value they offer and I was both pleasantly surprised and impressed. They use a business model that has significantly lower profit margins and they are not “locked in” to any particular manufacturer. In effect they make their manufacturers compete for their floor space based on the quality of the ingredients and the value of their mattresses. In other words, they … like The Mattress Underground … believe that the name on a mattress is not nearly as important as what is in it. The story behind why they began their business is also very interesting and reflects many of the reasons why I began this site as well and their experience in the industry is also another valuable source of “insider” knowledge that I value highly.

They currently have a direct relationship with the local Restonic licensee who makes their main line of mattresses and their relationship is close enough that they will even make custom changes if necessary. Because their manufacturer is local and because of their business model … they truly do offer a full range of mattresses with prices and value that is the equivalent of the best of the local manufacturers which is why I invited them to become members.

It was also interesting that they carry the iComfort and I asked them about this (because as you know I don’t believe they represent the best quality or value compared to many other options). He told me quite openly that they carry them because they are popular and it brings people through the front door where he can show them other options that have what he believes is better value and give them a better choice than they would otherwise have. Again … I liked that he had no brand loyalty, he knows the differences between better and worse materials, and that his loyalty was to the best value he is able to find and offer to his customers.

I’m excited to have another high quality option (and The Mattress Underground discount) available to the members here and that members can feel confident represents the best value in their area and among the best values in the country (outside of their iComfort lineup).


Hello all,

I’d like to welcome another new manufacturer to The Mattress Underground.

I have talked with both Dave and Andrew there on many occasions and they are great to deal with, knowledgeable, and exceptionally helpful and focused on providing great value and service.

They specialize in online sales (over the phone or on the web) to anywhere in the country but for those that are local you can also call them (Dave @ 801 360-9009) and they can provide some guidance for testing similar mattresses at Lake Mattress in Mooresville. They make two all latex mattresses with a tri zoned Dunlop core with or without a Talalay comfort layer in your choice of firmness and also a range of very high quality memory foam mattresses. I especially like the component models which have layers that can be rearranged (either the memory foam or the support layers) to customize the feel of the mattress. All of their mattresses have great value. Of course telling them you are a member of The Mattress Underground will give you an additional 5% discount on your purchase as well.

It’s great to have them as our newest members and especially to more choices available for a wide variety of high quality memory foam mattresses.


We are happy to be on board!

I’m excited to find the forum and be able to participate as well.

Hello all,

I’d like to welcome another new member, Brooklyn Bedding’s Amazon Store called Dreamfoam Bedding, who has actually been a hidden member for some time. I have known and had many conversations with John (the owner) and Chuck (the one behind the phone for orders) for over a year and a half and they are both great people, knowledgeable, and provide great customer service. While Brooklyn Bedding also makes other mattresses besides their Amazon offering, they are currently bringing their main website information up to date and the Amazon mattresses are a special offering at a discounted price. The forum member bonus for Amazon orders (fulfilled by Dreamfoam only) is their shredded latex pillow.

EDIT: Their main website is also now revised and part of their membership here and is the source for their new line of mattresses … many of which have exchangeable or adjustable layers. Their Brooklyn Bedding site is here. To receive the forum discount on their Brooklyn Bedding line make sure you either call, email, or use their chat to get the discount information before your purchase. On their Amazon line (that they fulfill) they just need your username here for the pillow bonus.

Their Mattress Underground discount / bonus is available to all the forum members (at least a single post make you a member) but they use promo codes for the forum discount on their own site (not Amazon) so make sure you either call, email, or use their chat to provide them with your member name here BEFORE you order so you can get the code and the discount/bonus.

I’m happy to have them finally listed as an “official” member and to be able to add them to the list of what I consider to be the “best of the best”.


Hello all,

I’m excited to welcome yet another new member (the second in a day), , as the newest manufacturing member of The Mattress Underground.

I talked today for several hours with Cheryl Hahn the owner and it was one of those conversations that could have gone on for much longer. CozyPure makes some premium quality mattresses that are not the lowest cost available but they offer value and many other benefits that will be very attractive to a large and growing group of people who are focused on natural, organic, and green manufacturing and products. They are somewhat unique among the membership list for several reasons.

In a word … Cheryl is absolutely passionate about green manufacturing using natural and organic materials and she only chooses or designs products which have the highest quality and include as natural ingredients as possible down to the smallest detail. As a single example … when she was choosing a cotton mattress pad … almost every organic one she looked at used polyester thread and that just wasn’t good enough. Needless to say the one they sell uses GOTS certified cotton thread.

They are also one of the very few manufacturers that produce all their own power and their manufacturing facility uses wind, solar, and geothermal renewable energy sources for all their power needs. They also produce a wide range of unique bedding products including toppers, mattress pads, sheets, blankets and comforters, pillows, and many other products (it’s worth exploring the site). In addition to this … a mattress purchase from CozyPure entitles you to lifetime membership in the cuddleup club which entitles you to a 20 percent discount on any bedding that they sell for a lifetime. In other words the value here keeps going long after a mattress purchase.

So I’m excited to welcome Cheryl and CozyPure to our membership list and it’s great to have a member who will fill the need for all the many consumers whose “value equation” includes the importance and value of buying from a truly green manufacturer who only uses the highest quality materials in their products.


Hello all,

Once again it’s great to welcome another new member to the site along with their sister site … and their local outlet in Miami

I have talked with Matt Bryd the owner on several occasions but I had the chance to talk with him for several hours yesterday and it was great to learn more about his business goals and philosophy. They clearly share the goals and values of this site and are committed to providing quality and value to their customers . Once of the first questions he asked me for example was “can you see any way we could improve what we are doing?”

They have a range of high quality memory foam mattresses that are “matched” in feel and performance to the Tempurpedic line and this is an actual process where they use similar construction and layering in addition to ongoing staff and customer “real life” comparisons in their brick and mortar store (which has both lines on the floor) rather then more vague “online marketing” comparison.

They also have a waterbed site and an airbed site for those who are attracted to these styles of mattresses and an adjustable beds site as well. They offer a 5% membership discount on all the mattresses and adjustable beds they sell to all forum members (anyone who has registered and posted once).

It’s great to have another high quality and value choice available to the members here.

Welcome Matt!

NOTE ADDED: Because of ongoing customer service issues and delays their membership has been terminated and I would read the warning here before considering them.


About to order the Reverie Deluxe from, with the 5% discount. :woohoo:

Hi love2sleep,

Congratulations on your new adjustable bed :slight_smile:

It’s great to see that they offer the discount on their adjustables as well as their mattresses and it was a nice “bonus” when Matt offered to provide this to the members here.