Cirrus Luxe-ES 13" vs DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel

Hi Phoenix,

Great website and information, thank you. Is there a section of your website the compares the two above mattresses (I am hoping for a similar feel/quality to the Temp cloud luxe or supreme)? How does the Cirrus justify charging significantly more money than the DreamFoam if both are making the claim that it feels like the cloud? Clearly, I prefer spending the least amount of money for a similar product but I will spend more if the Cirrus is truly a better quality bed or is a better comparison to the cloud luxe/supreme.

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Hi adamjaybernstein,

Post #46 here talks about how to compare different mattresses using your own “personal value equation” which includes the tradeoffs which are most important to you.

Both of your choices are good ones which means that the choice between them wouldn’t be so much “better and worse” as it would be which one is “best for you”.

A mattress can “match” another mattress in terms of “feel”, in terms of design, or in terms of the quality of the materials … or all three. How a mattress feels has nothing to do with the quality of the materials that achieve that feel. In other words … you can’t “feel” the quality of the materials in a mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding has said their 13" gel memory foam mattress has a similar “feel” to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe but just a little firmer. The top layer is 4 lb memory foam similar to the Luxe, the next layer down is 5 lb memory foam (the Luxe uses 7 lb memory foam) and the base layer is 1.5 lbs which is lower quality/density than the Tempurpedic (unless they have changed their specs because they don’t publish them anymore and this may be possible according to some feedback I have received). In other words … it “feels” the same but the materials overall are lower quality even though it has better value. The better quality materials are in the upper layers though which are generally the weak link of a mattress so this would be the “best” place to put higher quality materials in a lower budget mattress. The lower quality base layer would not be a significant durability issue with 5" of memory foam above it but it could make some difference overall compared to a mattress that used higher density base layers.

The Cirrus Supreme is designed to match the feel, design, and quality of materials of the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme (it matches more than just “feel” in other words). This includes the 4 lb top layer, the 5.3 lb middle layer, and includes the quality/density of the base layer. All the foams are at least the same or better quality as Tempurpedic.

The Cirrus Luxe is designed to match the feel, design, and quality of the materials in the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe. This includes the 4 lb top layer, the 8 lb middle layer (higher quality/density than the tempurpedic) and the quality/density of the base layer. Again … all the foams are at least the same or better quality as Tempurpedic.

They also have a different return policy.

All of these are great value for different reasons.

I would suggest talking with each of them in more depth so you can decide which one has all the objective, subjective, and intangible benefits that is the best match for your “personal value equation”. There are certainly no “bad” choices here.


You continue to be a huge help with the decision making, thank you. A sales rep for the temp cloud said that it was the lower base layers that provides the support so if this is a true statement, I would have greater concern with the DreamFoam.

I was informed by Brooklyn Bedding that the Temp Luxe was taken apart and copied for the DreamFoam mattress so it appears both the DF and the Cirrus are copies of the Temp cloud product. Brooklyn actually has the Temp luxe at their warehouse in AZ and I was invited to try out both with sheets on them (to disguise which was which).

Since both are ‘good choices’, I think I will go with the DF product. For a split king it is about $1200 less than the cirrus supreme and about $2,000 less than the cirrus luxe. Since both seem to be quite similar in the layers that matter, and the feel, the substantial price difference makes me think the DF is the best one for me.

I welcome and appreciate any further thoughts. Thanks again, Adam

Hi adamjaybernstein,

The first place I would begin with any mattress search is post #1 here. It includes all the basic information steps and guidelines that will help you make the best possible choices. One of the first overviews that are suggested reading there is here which talks about the two basic functions of every mattress which are pressure relief (comfort) and alignment (support).

Support is also connected to the firmness of a foam, not the density of a foam. Firmness is what “stops” the heavier parts of the body from sinking in too far and any density of polyfoam can be made in any firmness level. Density is connected to the durability of a foam and how long it keeps its firmness level. Post #4 here has more about the different factors involved in durability and post #6 here from earlier today includes more information about the Dreamfoambase density so you can make a more informed decision without mixing up apples (density and durability) and oranges (firmness and support).


Thank you again… very helpful information.

I have tried the DreamFoam and the Cirrus Luxe and the Cirrus Luxe definitely feels more like the Cloud Luxe. At first I thought the Cirrus felt nothing like the cloud but then I removed the fire retardant wool cover and our mattress pad…I could not believe the difference, it went from somewhat hard to very comfortable. The Dreamfoam is very comfortable too but definitely more soft and has a less supportive feeling. I think since there is a large price difference between the Dream and the Cirrus that many people will prefer the Dream but if cost is less of an issue than the Cirrus may be a better choice if trying to get a similar feel as the Cloud Luxe. I would have been happy with either mattress but my wife decided against memory foam altogether and we went with a more organic/natural bed without the chemicals. Chuck at DreamFoam was excellent to deal with even when he knew that we were sending the mattress back. The credit was immediate. SelectFoam took longer for the credit but it came through after about 3-6 days. Juan at SF is really easy to deal with and is very responsive (I had his mobile phone number). You cant go wrong with any of these mattresses as all were really good. My wife loves our Berkeley Ergonomics mattress and I like that there are no chemicals.

Hi adamjaybernstein,

Thanks for your feedback and it seems clear that memory foam is just not your preferred material. It’s great that you had the foresight to choose mattresses where you had good options available after your purchase.

As you probably know … I think highly of the BE mattresses and they are certainly high quality and good value and there have been a number of forum members who have purchased them as well and been very happy with their choice.

Once again … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: