Classic Brand Blissful Latex Mattress

Hi there,

Just wanted to know if anyone can tell me if the Sears Classic brand Blissfull Latex mattress is a true Talalay latex mattress. Also are they trying to make it sound like the Pure Latex Bliss brand of mattress? I would appreciate any help anyone could give me.


Hi alberta57,

There are a couple of different versions of the Classic Brands Blissful. One of them is here which appears to use Dunlop latex layers over polyfoam (you would need to check for sure). The other you can see here uses a different layering arrangement and the comfort layers are Talalay and the support core is probably Dunlop latex.

The one at Sears is also a latex/polyfoam hybrid probably the same as the first one but I don’t know for sure and you would need to check with Sears for the specifics.

Neither one would be like the PLB which is all Talalay latex but it would probably be closer to the all latex version at Olejo. It does seem to me that they may be playing off the name.


Thanks Phoenix for your help. I appreciate your effort.