Cloud luxe breeze 2.0 vs luxe breeze?

Hi all. Tempurpedic is having a decent promotion for their older line Tempur cloud luxe breeze 2.0, 30% off. I tried searching around regarding the difference between their current line of Tempur luxe breeze (3.0?) vs this older line and there is very limited information. From what I’ve gathered is there is no phase change cooling material and no cooling cover. Not a lot of information to be found online. a few questions:

  1. Do you guys think there are significant differences between the two and if so what are they? If you have more information or thoughts would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Should I avoid the older model 2.0?
  3. is it a bad idea to go on a whim and purchase a final sale 2.0 model based on the fact that we love the plush luxe breeze version tried in store?
  4. How good of a deal is the 30% off? For tempurpedic

Link to the two mattresses:
(Cloud luxe breeze soft king)

(Luxe breeze soft king)


Hi Rg123.

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Limited information is sort of the name of the game with these bigger brands which makes it exceedingly difficult to make meaningful comparisons or commentaries.

We’ve had a conversation in the forum about these two models before and I hope this thread is able to offer you some additional information.

We’re always here if you have more questions!