Co-Worker just bought iComfort

My co-worker was just raving about his recently purchased and wonderful iComfort (mid level price range for that brand). Help me feel better–we are considering the Ultimate Dreams 13" memory foam. His enthusiasm is leaving me wondering…

Hi Jaqfrst,

Like the vast majority of major brand mattresses … the iComfort line is poor value compared to many other choices available from most independent or smaller manufacturers that use higher quality materials and have better value in every budget range. You can see the details and an analysis of what is in the iComfort line in post #11 here.

A mattress is only as good as the quality and value of the combination of materials that are in it and the weak link of any mattress is the layers that will soften or degrade the fastest. As you can see … the iComfort lineup has many weak links.

They do have a nice “showroom feel” (which is certainly not unique to them) … and heavy advertising to back them up and consumers who don’t have the knowledge to make meaningful choices based on materials or who choose a mattress based on subjective preferences in the “managed environment of a mass market showroom” usually have no way to assess the quality, value, or durability of what they are really buying. Even the cheapest materials can be used to make a mattress that feels great in a showroom and for a while after that … the problem is that they don’t stay that way for very long.

Warranties offer little to no protection against this because they don’t cover the loss of comfort or support which are the main reasons that people need to replace a mattress. Warranties are more of a marketing tool meant to convince unwary consumers (who almost always have little knowledge about the materials in a mattress) that one mattress has “better quality” than another when in fact it us usually a marketing tool used mainly to increase profit margins. With the major brands … their warranties and the exclusions they contain are more about protecting the manufacturer from warranty exchanges than they are about protecting consumers.

Like all major brands … and as suggested in the guidelines here … I would avoid them completely.

The most effective approach to buying a new mattress and greatly increasing the odds of making the best possible purchase that suits your needs and preferences is to follow the steps in post #10 here (and reading the information in the links it leads to).

Hope this helps


Thanks, Phoenix. I feel alot better now. :slight_smile:

I just purchased the 13" Ultimate Dreams last week and should be delivered today, plan to update the site with my experience. So far communication was great, 8 days from order to deliver with 5 of those being fedex (due to the weeked).

I’m looking forward to your review with your new mattress, Supermanx!

Just posted my initial impression here:
Impressions of the 13" Gel Foam