Coil Box Springs in Central Mass

I have found that I tend to go through mattresses like crazy lately - replacing on average every year now! I have tried all kinds, but just cant seem to find the perfect one. I travel a lot, and one thing that I have found is that I get my best night’s sleep when I am staying at my favorite hotel chains, so figured that should tell me something. So I did a little poking around and found that the big difference between what I liked sleeping on, and what I didn’t - was the box spring! And it made sense - ever since I replaced my old coil box spring with the new minimum flex or hard foundations I have had mattress issues. The problem of course is that the major manufacturers no longer make coil box springs.

I found your site, and was shocked to find that there are still custom and local mattress manufacturers. I have looked at a few of the sites, but seem to find little mention of the box spring, and what kind of construction they are made of. I was wondering if you or anyone else on the forum knows of someone who definitely makes a coil box spring in the central Mass area. Being central I can travel to the Boston, southern NH, RI/Northern CT region, but the prospects of wanting to try out a few of them, and then finding a way to get it home, makes the long drives a bit unappealing. Then again, while we once were major players in the furniture industry, there doesn’t seem to be many left.


Hi Cloudship,

There is a fairly extensive discussion of boxsprings vs rigid foundations and the types of mattresses that are most appropriate to each in post #2 here.

There are quite a few factory direct manufacturers in the general MA area and the Boston list of them is in post #2 here and the south central MA list is in post #4 here. There are also links to various threads with feedback about many of them in post #2 here.

I also know that most of them including Worley, The Mattress Maker, Gardner, Mystic, FactoryDirectMa (on request but not standard), Sigma, and Yankee mattress all still make “active” box springs for their mattresses that are designed for them (usually but not always innerspring mattresses).

There are still quite a few local factory direct manufacturers all around the country quietly making high quality and value mattresses that are “against the grain” of the major brands and chain stores who are mostly focused on “de-specing” the products that they make or sell to improve profit margins at the cost of quality and using “stories” and massive advertising to sell them. It’s just a matter of finding them and ignoring all the “noise” :).