coil counts

Hi alanx002,

Coil counting is not particularly useful when you are mattress shopping and the type and number of coils are not the most important factor in the durability of a mattress.

You can read more about the different types of innersprings in this article and in post #10 here but overall they are less important than the foam layers and other materials above the coils in the mattress.

There are certainly different types of innersprings that have a different “feel” and performance but you will feel the difference between them when you test the mattress following the guidelines in the tutorial post so it’s much more important to know the specifics of the comfort layers than it is to know all the details of an innerspring. An offset coil (verticoil) with 540 13.5 gauge coils is fine in terms of quality and durability as long as the mattress is a good match for you in terms of PPP (especially with motion separation).

I’d be happy to make some comments about the mattress you are considering but I would need to know the specifics of all the layers and materials in the mattress because the “weak link” of a mattress will almost always be in the padding above the springs.

Endura is just a tradename and if this is the mattress you are looking at then I would want to know the type and density of all the layers above the coils. That would include the density of the 1.5" extra firm polyfoam, the 3/4" Endura foam (which is probably also polyfoam) and the Endura pad (this would most likely be some type of insulator pad which is used in an innerspring mattress to protect the foam above the innerspring and to even out the compression of the springs). I would also want to know the density of the foam encasement.

A two sided mattress will be more durable than a one sided mattress that uses the same materials on one side only but I would always make sure you know the type and quality of all the materials inside any mattress you are considering regardless of any tradenames they may use that are unique to that manufacturer. If the retailer can’t tell you or find out for you then I would pass the mattress by.