Coils for tall side sleeper with 2" medium SOL Topper

Hi there,

I would like to build a Queen DIY hybrid mattress. I am 6’4, 195lbs, side sleeper trying to get more into back sleeping because of lower back issues with current mattress.

I currently have a 2" Medium SOL Dunlop latex topper, and hoping to use it as a transition layer on top of coils.

Thinking of the following, from top to bottom

  • 2" comfort layer (looking to experiment with currently owned memory foam layers, or try medium talalay)
  • 2" SOL Medium Dunlop Latex
  • 6" Caliber Edge or 8" Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa
  • 1" LUX-R or LUX-HQ

I am okay experimenting with the comfort layer, put would like to nail down the better coil option. Any input is welcome!

The Bolsa coil will contour better to your body curves and result in less pressure points.

Hi, any update to your experiment? What did you end up going with?