Coils too long, Topper too short, HELP DIY

Hey guys, I started by DIY. I noticed the coils are 2inches longer than they should be, coming in at 82" instead of 80 and its overflowing off my base.

The 3" talalay topper I got from BB is only 73x78 for a king size. Pretty disappointed about that too, we upgraded from queen to king for more space.

Anyone have this experience before, is this normal? Should I contact both sellers for a refund or return? Thank you for your help

Hi jtek49,

Sorry to hear of the issues with your DIY! The topper being 3” too short on one side and 2” on the other is not normal, while a bit of ‘shrinkage’ may occur the topper should be 76”x”80…and the coils as well, which seem like they weren’t correctly compressed. I would definitely contact them - and ask if there’s any reason for them to ship longer coils, and also for BB to send shorter topper and return/exchange them.

~ Basilio

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