Coir bed rug or alternative needed for platform bed?

I have a solid oak platform bed frame that uses a solid plywood deck for the platform surface. Do I need to add a coir bed rug on the platform as a base for a new all latex mattress system? If so, are there alternatives to the coir bed rug? Thanks.

Good Morning R7,
In my opinion you only have 3 options to promote the recommended air flow to your new latex mattress, and use your existing platform setup.

  1. Coir, affordable option that will be less abrasive than adding slats, and do the trick easily.
  2. add slats, make somewhat of a lattice top to your platform. By running slats from side to side and head to foot you’ll raise the mattress 1.5" off the surface and promote air flow.
  3. Drill holes in your platform. Not always the best option, but could promote necessary airflow.

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out.

Thank you,


I like your idea to drill holes. There is a special drill attachment that should make it really easy: How to Properly Use a Hole Saw (DIY)