College homemade memory foam bed. (budget MAX of $200)

Hi guys,

I’m looking to build a foam bed, but I’ve got a strict budget of $200 MAX, preferably around $150. That pesky college kid thing and unable to find a job. On the plus side, the bed I make only has to last 2 years before I can sell / give it away. :wink:
On the other flip side, anything will be better then my current sleeping arrangements (a leaky airbed, or a sleeping bag on the floor :oops: )

So, here’s how I’m looking at doing things.
I’m looking at a 3’’ 5 lb Viscomax memory foam topper, twin sized. According to foam factory that’ll be $113.
Then, for the support layer, I’m looking at using at using 4 or 5’’ of LUX-HQ foam. (specs 2.8 PCF, 50lb weight) (80 for 4’’ 98 for 5’').

I’ve slept on a tempurpedic classic (whatever their basic 0 frills bed is) and loved it. I’m a side sleeper, prefer to lay on a bed, but sleep somewhat in the bed. I also like sleeping warm, which is useful sometimes.

If you guys have any radical ideas, or a better way of doing, or possibly a cheaper foam supplier, let me know.

Thanks guys.

I know foambymail has had some issues with not sending out what you ordered, I plan to verify the shipping weight makes sense compared to the density of the foam I order. Additionally, I know the chinese foam won’t be anywhere near as durable as comprable american made foam, but the lifespan of this bed only needs to be 2 years, maybe 3, and then I can just sell it or donate it.

Hi jakeospsec,

While I normally wouldn’t consider buying anything from FBM … in your circumstances it may make some sense if you are comfortable supporting them with a purchase.

It appears that you are looking at a twin size which will be slightly over your $200 budget using 3" of 5 lb memory foam over 4" of Lux HQ.

As you mentioned the 5 lb memory foam will be $113 and 4" of the Luxe HQ will be $80 and then the cover will be $40 for a total of $233. With a cover upgrade (which I would probably recommend) then it would be $253.

You can get a pre-made mattress using an extra inch of polyfoam (which I would also recommend) for $227 including the cover and the cover upgrade would be an extra $20. It would also have the layers glued together.

You would need to talk with them about the specifics of the base foam and which may be most suitable for you because I don’t particularly trust their specs but if the ILD of the Lux HQ is accurate … then it would seem to me to be on the firm side (and firmer than the Tempurpedic classic) but this would also depend on the combination of your body type, sleeping positions, and on your preferences.

If you wanted to save some money … lower density memory foam (say 4 lbs) or lower quality polyfoam would save you an extra $30 and $21 respectively as separate layers and a complete mattress that used 3" of 4 lb memory foam over 5" of their regular polyfoam would be under your budget at $185 (or $20 more with a cover upgrade).