Combi-zone vs Bolsa

Hi Phoenix,

I have decided to purchase a Luma Sleep mattress. I spoke with a representative from Luma today and they said I’d be right on the edge of benefitting from a Combi-zone coil system as opposed to their standard Bolsa system.

I am 5’7", 190lbs, wide hips, pear/apple shape (carry almost all my weight in my mid-section) and narrow shoulders. I have had one of two problems with mattresses: a too-soft mattress that gives me lower back pain (usually all foam) or shoulder/neck pain where my arms also fall asleep.

While I know you can’t tell me what would work best for me in terms of PPP, I am hoping to get some feedback on if you think it’d be worth it to do the Combi-zone (especially since it’s the same price.) FWIW, I am on a diet and hoping to lose some weight but of course there’s no guarantee that happens (or how quickly that happens.)

Thanks for your help!

I forgot to add that the mattress will have a 1.5" layer of medium-firm talalay and a 3" layer of soft (19ILD) talalay on top as part of the system.

Hi sretodd,

As you have a concern (or at least have had issues in the past) with something not allowing for enough support in your low back area, you may prefer the Combi-Zone, especially as you are using the softer upper comfort layers. The upper plush layers should also be assistive with your shoulder issues, but also don’t forget to reevaluate your pillow once you have your new sleep set to make sure that it is properly supporting your head and helping to maintain a more neutral alignment.