Combining HD and HR foam for a comfortable Mattress

I’ve Created a mattress using a combination of HD and HR foam and i was wondering if anyone had experience with how they feel.
I am 5’9" and around 165lb, im a back and side sleeper. From what i read this is a good spec for me, i would just like to understand in a greater detail what the differences of a HD vs HR foam is when it come to feel.

Good morning bobracing11,

Welcome to TMU, and we greatly appreciate you reaching out to us! The sensation you experience when comparing a 2lb HD foam and a 2.75lb HR foam depends on factors such as the ILD (firmness) and the thickness of the foam you select. Generally, HR foam exhibits slightly more resilience or bounce compared to HD foam because of it’s chemical composition and density. However, discerning the difference between 2" of either HD or HR foam once it’s integrated into your stack can be challenging because it’s a relatively thin layer of foam. If you place it as the top layer, you may be more likely to notice the distinction. We also have more on this link HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT LAYERS FOR YOUR DIY DO-IT-YOURSELF MATTRESS

I trust that this information aids in your decision-making process regarding the suitable layers for your needs. Please do keep us updated on your final selection and share your experience with us as you test it out. Your feedback is valuable to us!