Comfort King- Sioux Falls, SD


Have you ever spoken to Comfort King in Sioux Falls, SD? They seem to be very knowledgeable, will customize beds based on what people want and will share the components of their beds. I was intrigued by speaking with them and plan to visit them since my folks live in Sioux Falls. They seem like a good option for membership??


Hi carmutt,

I haven’t spoken with them in person but they are clearly knowledgeable about mattresses and materials, sy the same things and follow the same principles as this site, and fit the profile of the type of manufacturer I would prefer to deal with. I particularly like that they have information including videos showing the construction and designs of all their mattresses and are using high quality materials. If I was in the Sioux Falls area I would definitely include them in my research (see posts #2 and #3 here).

While I don’t actively “seek” members (it’s usually a side effect of our conversations over time) and I point to value wherever I see it (regardless of membership) I agree they appear to be the type of manufacturer that I would welcome as members and they are on the list of manufacturers that I hope to talk with in more detail.