Coming from a waterbed

Hi Crash55,

I am not surprised that you have had better experiences on the softer beds you have slept on, as that would be more what your body is comfortable with.
Phoenix had a very good POST here talking about National Brands that you should look over.

One of the TMU posts says this about a Sleep Mapper:
I wouldn’t use or trust any kind of “automated” firmness selector or “theory” as anything more than a general guideline that is subject to change based on your own unique preferences and circumstances. There are only two ways to make effective initial choices for the design of a mattress that is the best match for you. One is with your own careful and objective testing and the other would be through more detailed conversations on the phone where you can provide them with more information that can help them use “averages” and your own past experiences as a way to help you make the best choice.

The major brands such as Sealy/Stearns & Foster, Simmons, and Serta all tend to use lower quality and less durable materials in their mattresses than most of their smaller competitors that will tend to soften or break down prematurely relative to the price you pay which is why I would generally suggest avoiding all of them completely (along with the major retailers that focus on them as well) regardless of how they may feel in a showroom along with any mattress where you aren’t able to find out the type and quality/durability of the materials inside it (see the guidelines here along with post #3 here and post #12 here and post #404 here ).

An Aireloom can look great on the outside … and can feel good in a showroom for those who tend to choose a mattress based on the “showroom feel” instead of more careful and objective testing using the testing guidelines in the tutorial post … but they may not be as good a choice based on the quality of the materials inside the mattress.
If you’re able to find out the complete specifications and post those specifications here, I’ll be happy to comment upon them for you. The Aireloom web site does not provide specific meaningful information regarding this mattress.

[quote]I was wondering about the online beds like Nectar or similar.

The Nectar uses a 1" of 4 lb gel memory foam, a 3-inch 3.5 lb memory foam layer, and finally a 2.2 lb polyfoam core. They don’t list the thickness of the polyfoam core, or the thickness of the quilted gel memory foam panel or the density of that material. The polyfoam core uses a good density foam, but I would use caution with the 3" of 3.5 lb. memory foam on top of the core, as that is lower than I would recommend Durability Guidelines. They are a product assembled in the USA of components sourced from China and the US. They do not specify what is from where. I would caution against purchasing this item before knowing the complete specifications and component origins. I would read post #6 here about mattresses and materials imported from Asia or China and which may have been compressed for long periods of time in either shipping or storage before being purchased and being sourced in China would make this somewhat of a risky purchase IMO. Additionally, I’ve heard from people within the industry of some fulfillment issues with Nectar, but this may be addressed by now.

Mattress shopping has to be approached as a project with the end result being you have the bed of your dreams, because you are dreaming through the night.

I wish you much success in your journey, it is worth the time you are investing.

Debbie Lewis
Parklane Mattresses