Comparable Mattresses to Aireloom M2+ Plush

Can anyone recommend any other mattresses that are identical or very close to the feel of the Aireloom M2+ Plush?

There is probably an Aireloom Macys equivalent, but I would skip that because the Macys Airelooms have cheaper materials and fewer coils.

If you like M2 Plush, get that. This one is usually good for side sleepers. But get what you want.

M2 Firm is similar but simply has a firmer spring. M2 refers to 2 layers of microcoils.

M1 Plush has 1 row of microcoils. 2 rows isnt necessarily better than 2. M2 might have your hips sink down too much. Or it might be just right.

Firm or Plush refers to the spring stiffness.

Discoont options:
1-find a new close out
2-call around to retailers to find a floor model

I say……if you like it……get it.

Im looking at M1 Firm and Streamline Luxury Firm myself. Leaning towards SLF!!!

Not to complicate things, but there is Streamline Plush and Streamline M1 Plush. M1 has 1 row of microcoils. I havent tried these.


M2 Plus Plush?

This one has an Aireloom mattress pad on it. It might be too much padding honesty. You might try M2 plush first then try mattress pad. Pad is $2300.

The mattress pad can be added to any Aireloom……so dont get too attached to M2 Plus Plush. A good combo is M2 Firm with mattress pad. Try them all out. Beware of your hips sinking down too far.

Ive been told M2 Plus Plush feels like Hastens 2000T or Vividus. $70k plus mattresses. I havent tried these.

At the price of M2 Plus Plush……it a good deal compared to Hastens price.

I tried M1 Firm vs VISpring mattress all the way up to their $45k model. And honestly, M1 felt better due to the soft top layer. I dont pay attention to price tags. Aireloom felt better than VISpring and is cheaper. Go figure.


The M2 Plus Plush I tried didn’t have a pad on it. I haven’t tried that many mattresses and just wanted to see what else I should be trying out. Tried the Aireloom firm models, then M1, M2 Plush and M2 Plus Plush, Purple 3 and 4, Stern & Fosters Lux Estate Pillow top Plush, and some other non popular brands. ViSpring was next but I haven’t heard about this mattress being super plush, only about the raw materials being superior. Do Hastens or Vividus come in really plush options?

VISpring typically does not have a topper (plush) on it. They are not nornally designed with a top mattress/topper, VISpring has one. I was so impressed by Aireloom that I stopped investigating VISpring. VI seems so well built and durable and has a traditional “sleeping on top of mattress” feel.

I have not laid on a Hastens, but from what Ive been told……you are more “in” a Hastens which seems to connote plushness. But at $45k-$155k (even $400k), it orobably isnt worth it. I dont like checking out mattresses that I cant afford. But check them out and let me know. If we(you) value sleep, then it might be a good investment.