Comparing mattress costs

Hi Phoenix
I went to a Savvy Rest show room to try out the layered organic mattress system. I loved the mattress but not the price, so I decided to do some research. Why is Savvy more expensive than OMI (Organicpedic) and Foam Sweet Foam. They all seem comparable except that OMI and FSF have nicer looking mattresses. FSF had the best price and even has a 4 or 5 layering system. Is there added benefit to a 4th or 5th layer? I was pretty happy with the 3 layer at Savvy.

There is an OMI store not too far from me but no way to try FSF since they only manufacture. I guess that’s why they are less expensive??

How can I be sure it will be the same feel as the Soft Talalay, Medium Dunlop and Firm Dunlop layered mattress I loved at Savvy, if I order online?


Hi teach281,

The best way to compare mattresses would be based on the specifics of the materials and components in the mattress. If the materials (type and blend of latex and specifics of the cover) are the same or very similar then differences in pricing between two very similar mattresses would be based on many variables just like the same or very similar products can have very different prices in other industries as well. There is more about this in post #14 here. In very general terms both Savvy Rest and OMI tend to be in a higher budget range than other mattresses made by a number of manufacturers (including FSF) that use the same or very similar materials and components.

There is more about the potential benefits of a thicker mattress in post #14 here and some of the pros and cons of having more layers in post #2 here. Unless you were in a much higher weight range … 3 layers is all that would be “necessary” but there would certainly be people that where the “feel” and performance of a thicker mattress would be a preferences … even though it wasn’t necessary.

There is more about “matching” one mattress to another one in post #9 here but when you can’t test a mattress in person then the most effective way to make a choice that is best for you in terms of PPP (or that was reasonably close to a mattress you tested) would be a more detailed conversation with an online manufacturer who can help you compare the options they have available to other similar mattresses that you have tested in person (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here). If you choose a component mattress where the initial layering isn’t an ideal match for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) then most of them have very good options after a purchase to either rearrange or exchange the layers so you can make changes to the comfort/pressure relief and support/alignment of the mattress so that it works well for you. In the “worst case” (which would be very rare) many of them have a good return policy as well if in spite of your “best efforts” none of the combinations seems to work well for you. A good exchange and/or return policy would be your “backup” with an online purchase so you can use your actual sleeping experience to assess the suitability of your mattress. All of this would be part of each person’s personal value equation which is all the objective, subjective, and even intangible parts of a mattress purchase that are most important to you.