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Hi there! I just sent my horrible sleep number bed back and am preparing to order a sleep ez bed. I have been researching endlessly for the past 2 months while up watching for new calves all night. Some info about me. 40 year old female 5’3" 118 lbs jessica rabbit figure side sleeper. I have serious joint issues, inflamation, multiple shoulder surgeries, brocken neck and back, degenerative disk disease among other things from ranching and training horses my entire life. I am not easy on my body at all and being 5th generation, that isnt going to change any time soon. My problem is that I have never been able to find a bed that will fill in the gaps in my waist to keep my spine straight. I LOVE the feel of an ultra plush top that i can almost sink into just for the fact that it does fill in those gaps without putting more pressure on my hips and shoulders. I am torn on if i should order the 10 or 13 inch sleep ez, if the top 2 layers should be soft and medium talalay with medium or firm dunlop or soft talalay first with…? And i really like the theory behind the egg crate talalay toppers like from flobeds and turmery for that extra soft plush feel. After 60 days on a horrible sleep number bed in so much pain I cant function, I want to make sure i start with the most appropriate configuration from the start. Will the egg crate add that extra “sinking” cloudlike feel? Would i likely need it with the talalay? With my weight will I most likely get enough softness? I know all of it is relative. Just looking for ideas for configurations and feedback!

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Hi SleepyinMT and thanks for the inquiry and welcome to the forums! You and I spoke at length last week, and I’m assuming you wanted opinions outside of what I already mentioned, so hopefully you’ll get some extra feedback from the forum moderators or other experts.


I appreciate that! I realize that i posted in the wrong location, should have been in the discussion area. The bad experience with the last bed had me go down the rabbit hole and I am having a very difficult time pulling the trigger since I have discovered that finding the right fit for a person of my size can be difficult. I am looking for opinions specific to light weight side sleepers that need that ultra plush feel to decide on where to go from here. I am looking at the 10" organic sleep ez with soft talalay, medium talalay or dunlop, firm dunlop. And to add that extra pressure point relief and plushness, if it is needed, getting a 3" 14 ILD talalay from Arizona mattress or an egg crate topper from flobeds or possibly a gel infused latex. This all adds $ pretty quickly when it is for 2 twin xl mattresses, so does play a part in my decision ultimately. Originally I planned on going with the 13" but then if I had to add anything it would bring the cost above my budget and I am also concerned about ending up with a 16" mattress on a flexible base being too much. I even looked at building my own, but after the sleep number, I feel the need to have the trial and return policy as well as the ability to swap out layers inexpensively. I appreciate any feedback!

In case it’s helpful, I am 5’5" and 117 lbs, give or take. You can check out my recent thread here at MU. What I learned from Shawn is that if you want a more sinking/enveloping feeling, get a topper that is not encased by the mattress cover. The mattress cover makes it feel more firm. He also said that we would not feel the difference between a 9" vs 10" at our weight if we want soft. I think a 10" plus a topper, or even a 9" plus a topper, if you want to save some money, would be enough for you. My most recent mattress of 17 years was 8" of latex. FWIW, I tried the Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses at a local store, they have only a 2" soft layer and felt very plush to me. After a lot of my own research and agonizing, I ordered the SleepEZ 10", S/M/F, about $1000 less than the Berkeley-- and no topper for me as I don’t want the enveloping feeling. Hopefully it will be the right blend of support and cushion without feeling too firm or too soft.

Thank you Amma! That was very helpful!