Confused about foundations


My question below has been answered.

I had sent off an e-mail to Brooklyn, also, but was pretty not expecting a reply. But, they replied quickly and answered my questions.

Great customer service in that respect.

Anyway, they said I don’t need “no stinkin’ box springs!”

Well they said it nicer that :stuck_out_tongue:

I also sent off an e-mail to Wolf on the same subject, at about the same time yesterday, but have NOT had a reply. :angry:

I have done probably a dozen hours of research and am down to about five different choices. However, I am confused about foundations for a couple of Brooklyn Bedding choices, which are no longer being sold directly by Brooklyn,

One is

Ultimate Dreams Pocketed Coil Plush Mattress with Latex Foam

The second is

Ultimate Dreams 12" Pocketed Coil Plush Mattress with Gel Memory Foam

Questions and answers on the sale pages are conflicting – directly conflicting. Since these are coil mattresses of a sort, I am assuming they need box springs? Am I wrong.

Will they be fine on a platform foundation?

Steve S:

I’m glad your questions got answered in a timely manner. Awesome!