Confused!! Came down to

husband : 170lb , back sleeper.
Myself - 125 , side sleeper.

My current mattress is organic bamboo mattress and has become terribly firm and causes lower back pain .
Before that i had spring pillowtop mattress. it got too bouncy in 3 years . I used to sink in and it got difficult to get back up.

I am looking for something with little firmness ( so i dont sink in) and yet not so firm like a bench. So decided to go for memory foam mattress this time. Friends suggested to try iComform - Genius. .
I live in dallas and visited nearby SleepExperts and MattressFirm shops. Do not want to spend as much as for TEMPupedic.
Slept of Serta - TRUMP -at SAMs - too sinky
Liked Serta - Insight . I did not get a chance to try other iComforts as the showrooms did not have them .

I read reviews on this blog and found that you rate iComformts as below
Renewal refined

I am still trying to find a dealers where i can try different mattresses

Also i read suggestions for Aerus - is it comparable in firmness to iComform Insight or Genius.
I looked up this in SAM - its only available ONLINE - Aerus Natural Plush 10" King Size Memory Foam Matt


The bamboo is probably just the fabric used in the cover and isn’t the type of material that is inside your mattress. the type of materials that are in your mattress would be listed on the law tag.

The first place to start your research is post #1 here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines you will need to make the best possible choices … and avoid the worst ones including many you are currently considering.

I’m not sure where you read this but I don’t “rate” mattresses at all … at least not in terms of their suitability for any specific person … although I do often make comments about the quality of the materials in a mattress on a “mattress by mattress” basis and show how to better evaluate the relative quality and value of a mattress compared to others that are similar. Serta and all the major manufacturers are mattresses I would tend to avoid completely.

Aerus is a type of memory foam that has several different versions while iComfort is a mattress line and the Genius is a specific model in the line. Comparing a specific material that could be used in any mattress with a mattress that is a combination of specific materials isn’t an apples to apples comparison or even possible becuase there would be more than just Aerus memory foam in any mattress that used it. The feel and performance of a mattress depends on the combination of all the materials that are inside it … not just on one material.

You can read more about making “comfort” choices in mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here and more about buying a mattress from one of the big box stores in post #4 here.

The Aerus mattress at Sams club appears to use 3" of 4 lb memory foam (Aerus also comes in higher and lower quality versions) but the listed weight also doesn’t add up to what it 'should" weight if the description is correct so I would also want to know the actual weight of the mattress and find out the density of the polyfoam that they use in the base layer as well as confirm that the memory foam was actually 4 lbs (which is medium quality/density).