Confused, Tired, and in Seek of Guidance - Mattress Saga

Hi Phoenix:

Thanks for your help and reassurance. I called Joe and he said that he’d have my back in case my pain continues through the adjustment period, and be willing to swap out the layers to get the feel right. I’m going to keep sleeping on the bed and see if things adjust.

Two follow up questions:

(1) I was just doing a bit more research on things, and I noticed certain people (including you) having hesitation about putting a pocket coil mattress on a slatted bed base. I got a slatted base with bowed slats from Nest Bedding here: Nest has assured me that my Quail mattress with pocket coils is fine to go on this type of platform, as the slats are less than 3" apart. Do you have any reservations about putting a pocket coil mattress on these type of slats? I just want to make sure there won’t be any permanent damage over time.

(2) I did some more reading on the forum and found some posts you wrote about “pushback”. For example, post 2 here I’m thinking maybe part of this is a pushback issue with the latex topper I’m experiencing as “back pain” or “back strain”? I would imagine that this would be different on a 3" dunlop latex over pocket coils vs. all latex mattress. Is what you were saying in that post equally true for a mattress with just a latex topper? If so, then perhaps the “fix” assuming that I never adjust to the new feeling is getting a softer comfort layer on top of the current layer? Or should I try to change the thickness of the comfort layers - i.e. a softer 1" layer on top of a 2" firmer layer?