Confused... Too much information!

I am sorry but there is so much information on the forum I am finding it difficult to get facts straight! Please help!

I live in Northern Virginia and have found HealthyBack to be the closest location for me. However after looking online their prices average about $3500 plus foundation. This seems expensive to me. Am I looking at the prices correctly?

I notice HealthyBack offers an organic and non organic line? Which do you suggest? What are the pros and cons of both?

I weight 115 lbs and my husband around 175. There is a lot of info on the different layers and suggestions for each layer. Can you help me narrow down this info as to what I should be looking for in layers.

I am not opposed to going with Sleepez online as the prices seem more favorable. Would the best method be for me to test drive each layer at HealthyBack and see if Sleepez has something comparable?

I’ve always used a box spring. Is it suggested to continue using one? Is there a best choice as far as the different foundations or one that you recommend?

What type of bed do you have and where did you buy it?

Right now I wake up in pain every night as I sleep on my side but there is a huge gap between my hips and the bed. I paid $3000 for our current set just 2 yrs ago and do not want to end up with the same problems.


Hi Amdavis,

I completely understand how the large amounts of information on a forum like this can be overwhelming and the first place I would start is post #1 here which has the basic information, steps, and guidelines that you will probably find the most helpful.

I’m not sure which mattress you are looking at but “value” is relative to the types of materials in the mattress and to each person’s personal value equation. I think that “average” prices wouldn’t be nearly as important as a specific price of a particular mattress and how it compared to other mattresses that have a similar design and use similar materials that are either available to you in the area or online (for those who are comfortable with an online purchase). Some of the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Washington / Northern Virginia area are listed in post #2 here.

I can only speak to the quality or relative value of a mattress because there are too many variables and unknowns for anyone to know with any certainty what combination of materials will be most suitable for you based on “theory at a distance”. There is more about the most effective ways to make mattress choices in post #2 here.

The most suitable choice for a foundation depends on the type of mattress you choose. There is more information about foundations in the foundation thread here and the two posts that are linked in the second paragraph of the first post.

Choosing the mattress I have would be among the worst possible ways to choose a mattress and it isn’t available any more anyway (they no longer supply talalay latex) but if you are interested out of curiosity you can see some of the details in post #4 here.

If your mattress is only two years old you may have some options that can improve it. What brand and model did you buy? I’m not sure what you mean by having a “huge gap” between your hips and the bed?

What are the “symptoms” you are experiencing on your current mattress?