We are looking to purchase a new mattress and we are so confused on what to do. We have looked at the Icomfort but the price is so out of range! We found a bed at Denver Mattress that we really like but could find no info on the brand it is a Madison do you know anything about the company or the brand? The mattress we have now is a Serta pillowtop it is 5 yrs old and now feels like a rock. My husband is 6’4 and 250lbs with back problems and Iam 5/3 180lbs. he is a side sleeper and Iam a stomach sleeper we both seem to like the plush feel of a bed but are trying to stay with a price range of 2k we are also looking for a King. Do you know any places in Tulsa Ok that would be willing to work with us.

Hi Bryant,

The only “good” thing about the iComfort is that it is priced way too high and perhaps that may keep some people from buying it. If you’ve read the iComfort thread on the forum you’ll know that the materials that they use in that mattress certainly don’t justify the price.

It may be worth reading this article to help you cut through the confusion and misleading advertising and information you and almost all consumers will encounter in shopping for a new mattress.

Denver mattress is a regional independent manufacturer that sells factory direct to consumers. In general they are much better quality and value than mattresses made by major brands in the same price range. For example in the Madison … they use 1.8 lb polyfoam which is higher quality and more durable foam than most of the foam used in major brands which is lower density. They also sell 2 latex models called the Aspen and Snowmass which are also very good value because latex is the highest quality and most durable of all the different foam types (polyfoam, memory foam, and latex foam). If you are considering a mattress which uses polyfoam in the comfort layers (because of a lower budget) … then going to an independent manufacturer who is transparent about the materials they use and will at least tell you the quality (density) of the polyfoam they are using is important.

Some other options that may be worth considering are … This is a small independent factory direct manufacturer in Tulsa. They have no website but I have talked with Greg the owner and he offers good value and would be well worth a phone call and/or a visit. They specialize in polyfoam and innerspring mattresses (like the madison) but will also custom build using other materials if you are willing to wait. They are an independent factory direct manufacturer who makes a range of very high quality and value mattresses. While they are a “drive” away in Oklahoma City … I have spoken with Jim the owner there many times and like the other members here, he makes some of the best value mattresses in America … which of course is why I invited him to be a member of the site. I would certainly give him a phone call to talk with him and if at all possible it would be well worth the drive to Oklahoma city to test his mattresses.

Hope this helps … and let me know if you have any other questions along the way.