Considering a Malouf mattress, but there isn't much info out there.

Hi guys,

I’ll be making a mattress purchase in the next two months and have been doing a lot of research on it. A local, family owned mattress shop has these new Malouf Hybrids in stock that are really calling to me, but there are two things that concern me. One, they wouldn’t talk about the foam densities in their products when asked. Two, their barebones warranty is a little worrisome. I’ve stopped by the shop a few times, and absolutely love how it feels so it’s tempting to give it a shot.

I also live an hour from Beloit Mattress, which is on the list of trusted members, so I am going to take a trip up there to their showroom in two weeks and see how I feel about their selection. I have been looking at their Heirloom Tuft Top.

Does anyone have experience with either mattress? Here are links to both:

Hi vMambaaa,

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While I don’t have experience with either mattress, I can say that the Beloit mattress will be a better quality and more durable mattress than Malouf. That’s not to say that the Malouf model is “bad” but you’ll likely be replacing it much sooner than you’d like. Many of these large companies hide their specifications under the guise of keeping it out of the eyes of their competitors, but the “benefit” to that excuse is that it prevents an educated consumer from identifying potential weak links as well.

If you know you love the feel, you’re right! It’s totally okay to give it a shot. If your weight and height is relatively evenly distributed and on the lower range, you may not even see the durability issues that others face when it comes to the less durable materials.

Do keep us in the loop with regards to your trip to Beloit!


I stopped by Beloit and laid down on the Heirloom Tuft Top for awhile and was really impressed. It seems like a really well-made bed and I love that it was a Wool cover, not something I see advertised in other mattresses.

I’m also curious about the Bedgear M3 as it’s modular and allows swapping out of different layers, but they comfort layer is proprietary. If I can’t find somewhere that has a M3 on display I will purchase the Heirloom at the end of the month.