Continued pain despite latex mattress topper

I have a 100% talalay firm 10"mattress. It was called Wawetta Street organic Firm (Sleep Union). It was too firm for my side sleeping and caused tremendous lower back and shoulder paon. A few months ago I bought a 2" soft 19ILD 100% talalay topper. I’m still not happy with my sleep situation. I initially bought a firm mattress due to a back injury.

I am (145lb) and 6ft tall. Shoulders slightly wider than hips. Side sleeper. Some very occasional back sleeping.

I am not super keen on a few features of the topper: I sink into it quite a bit and find that a bit hot. I had to remove my protective mattress cover and sleep right on top of the topper (with its cover) with - fitted sheet. My shoulder and lower back pain have vastly improved, but now my hips/ glutes are painful while sleeping and cause me to toss and turn. I can feel my partner moving around on the bed with the topper whereas before I felt nothing (not a deal breaker).

I’m not sure what to do. Did I need a 3" comfort layer? Should I have gotten a medium 28ILD firmness? Or would Dunlop comfort layer have been better in 19ILD?


Hi Gail and thank you so much for the inquiry, and I’m so sorry for the delayed response! I’m not sure a Dunlop topper is a better choice, just because Talalay is so much better at pressure relief on your hips and shoulders than Dunlop is. My thought is that a medium (28 ILD) Talalay layer might be the change you need, but of course it’s hard to say in advance. Really the best thing you can do is pick what you think is the best choice, sleep on it, and go from there. Aside from that, we’d be happy to send you latex samples if you think that would help. Just call our office at 1-800-710-9846 and we can get that taken care of for you!

What’s your thoughts on getting a 3" soft Talalay layer instead of 2" medium Talalay layer you suggested? what would be the difference in feel?

You will sink into the 3" soft topper more than the 2" soft topper, so if you said you sank in to the 2" soft topper too much, I really don’t think the 3" is a better choice, you would be moving in the wrong direction.

The 2" medium Talalay topper is noticeably firmer than a 3" soft Talalay, but there’s no good way to describe or quantify the difference in firmness, and this is for a few reasons, sorry about that!

What about switching out the 2" soft Talalay out for 3" medium density Tallalay?

I also find the 2" topper hot cause I sink into it so much even at 140lbs.

Strangely as well- I really feel my partner move around a lot with the Talalay soft topper. When we just had the firm Talalay mattress-I didn’t feel a thing.


I would agree that the next step would be to try a 3" Medium Talalay. A 3" Medium will provide you with more support on top compared to your 2" soft layer, but will provide a bit more contour and pressure relief compared to a 2" Medium because it is thicker. You will feel the firmer layers below if you stay with a 2" layer, even if it’s a Medium density. So yes, I would suggest trying a 3" Medium Talalay layer next.

Don’t hesitate to reach out by phone as well, should you have additional questions or would like to discuss further. Thanks again!