Contour select

I like the tempurpedic contour select but given the high markups is there some similar less pricey material or style I should be looking for? Thx

Hi jvavra,

The Contour Select is basically two layers of 5.3 lb memory foam totalling 4" over a 6" high quality polyfoam base.

These basic specs of a Tempurpedic are fairly simple to duplicate but different types of memory foam have many different characteristics (see post #9 here) so duplicating the basic layering and quality of materials doesn’t mean the subjective feel or performance of the mattress will be duplicated. Some may work much better for you and some may not work as well. What you will find though is that almost every better option you look at will have better value than the Tempurpedic as long as you also stay away from the other major brands. This article will help you avoid most of the worst value choices when you are shopping for a mattress.

What I would suggest is that you keep an “open field” in terms of what you are looking for and instead of trying to match or duplicate a specific mattress … I would compare every mattress to your needs and preferences and see which ones come closest to what I call PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and your Preferences) that works best for you. You may find several mattresses that you much prefer over the Contour Select which feel different but better in other words.

To match the basic quality … you would be looking for 5 lb density slower response and more temperature sensitive memory foam (unless you come to discover that you actually prefer cooler or faster response foam than the Tempur). This would be over a good quality polyfoam base foam in the range of 2.2 lbs.

Your best choices would generally be either local factory direct outlets in your area or smaller sleep shops that carry independent or local brands. These are the best sources for quality and value in all types of mattresses … including memory foam … but more important they have the skill and knowledge and the integrity to help you make better choices. The more they know and the more they put your your needs and preferences above their own profit margin … the more likely you are to make good choices.

There’s an interesting article here about some of the recent developments with Tempurpedic and how competition in the memory foam market has affected them. I think that consumers are finally starting to get a little wiser and paying less attention to all the advertising, hype, and marketing stories and starting (hopefully) to look more for the facts about what really makes a better mattress. There’s a long way to go but articles like this are an encouraging sign.

If you let me know the city or zip where you live … I’d be happy to let you know of any factory direct manufacturers or better sleep shops I know of in your area.