Convoluted Latex Topper

This site is such a fabulous resource. Two weeks ago I had never heard of latex mattresses, and now I know probably far too much! I have visited a couple of stores in my area that carry latex mattresses and tried several. I still come back to favoring Terra by OMI. However, as has been noted by others before me in this forum, the astronomical price is prohibitive. I have gathered ILD information from this site and am thinking of plunging into the DIY world and trying to replicate the Terra, within reason.

The mattress itself seems do-able. The Terra is 2 inches of 25 ILD on either side of 35 ILD, making it flippable. I think the SleepEZ 9000 would be comparable, with 2 inches on top of two 3-inch layers. Sean at SleepEZ assured me he could get 25 and 35 ILD layers from his supplier even though he doesn’t carry them regularly. The SleepEZ wool covers seem plush, though I realize the ticking would be less sturdy than Terra’s.

The real stumbling block for me is the Terra topper: 3 inches of “sculpted” 25 ILD. The independent moveability of the topper, combined with its cushiness, seems an essential component of the Terra “feel.” The OMI “sculpting” is not the standard eggcrate style. I have located a similarly sculpted topper made by LifeKind, also an OMI company, but the price again is astronomical. So, I am resigning myself to eggcrate style. I’ve found a 3-inch eggcrate topper at GreenMattressFactory that seems about as close as I’m ever going to get. I’ve read the cautions on this site about the company, but I am unable to find a 3-inch convoluted latex topper anywhere else. (FoamFactory sells a 2-inch, and FloBeds puts a 2-inch topper on its beds but doesn’t sell the topper separately.)

Does this seem like a plausible plan? Or am I pursuing a pipe-dream? Do you know any other possible sources for a 3-inch convoluted latex topper?

Again, many thanks for providing such a wealth of information.

Just one more thought about the topper: If egg crate style seems too fragile to be practical, what would you think of using a shredded latex topper, such as CozyPure or FloBeds? They both have sateen covers, which I think would not be as effective as a wool/cotton cover. SleepEZ would sell me a wool/cotton cover (like they use on their mattresses) to enclose the topper. Is this a plausible alternative?

Hi SuzieQ,

As you have discovered convoluted Talalay is a little difficult to come by. You may be able to find a Convoluted Talalay topper here but I believe it’s only 2" thick and the convolute isn’t the same shape as the OMI.

There are also many different types of convoluting and each has it’s own “feel” so different convoluted toppers aren’t the same. What convoluting does is create a softer surface and a different response curve which starts off softer and then gets firmer as you sink into the thicker parts of the convoluting and then into the part of the topper where it’s not convoluted. The rate that it gets firmer depends on the shape and the depth of the convoluting.

This means that even if you do find a convoluted Talalay topper … it may not be the same as the OMI.

In addition to this … the amount and thickness of the wool can also make a difference in the feel and response of the topper.

I don’t think you can realistically expect to duplicate a different style of mattress or topper but you may be able to approximate it with a soft Talalay topper (I would make it a little softer than the convoluted to make up for the convoluting) and then using a wool quilted cover or adding a thinner wool topper on top. All of these would be somewhat based on trial and error because a more realistic expectation would be to “approximate” the OMI by “feel” rather than duplicate it.

A shredded latex topper will have a different feel again from a convoluted topper but they are quite soft and will also “flow” away from pressure points to some degree and compress under areas of the body that have more surface area depending on how densely it is filled. The lanoodles is the least filled and the most like a featherbed. The Seven Comforts is more densely packed and also has smaller particles and baffled sections so it won’t “flow” nearly as much and compresses more and the flobeds can be customized or “zoned” by adding or removing latex to each section.

My tendency would be to add a 3" topper that was a little bit softer than the OMI you are trying to approximate and cover it with a wool quilted cover and then add more wool as a thinner topper if you believe you need it after you have slept on it … and of course keep your expectations of matching how it feels realistic.


Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I don’t know how you have enough time in your day to give the personalized attention to all your advice-seekers.

I contacted and learned that while the topper they sell is only 2-inch convoluted latex, they could special order a 3-inch topper for me. However, it would be Dunlop not Talalay latex and I would have to pay the cost of 2 of the 2-inch models, which brings the price to roughly $450 just for the foam.

I’m still pondering my options. I just wanted to pass along this information in case it helps someone else.

Thanks again for all you do for us mattress consumers