Cool Symphony by Brooklyn Bedding any other ideas for mattress

We tried a Jamison Oceania bed this weekend that came close to what we are looking for but price is and issue at $2500. The mattress is a little softer than we liked and so we have not found a mattress that is firm enough that is on the show room floor. I spoke to Mario at BB and told him of the Jamison Oceania. He recommend the cool symphony as their new mattress that would be a little firmer and also quite a bit less $1500 -%5 for being a MU account user.

My question are there any other possible mattress dealers in the Memphis area I have tried the old links and many look to be out of business. Also another possible online company that caries a like mattress.

This site has been most helpful in educating me before I did the shopping and have actually had sales people with Jamison some what stumped and had to make a phone call to find out density and ILD.

Thanks again

Hi remops,

I only found one link in the Memphis list here that was broken. They changed the URL for their main page so it’s now corrected.

Were there any others that weren’t working for you or appeared to be out of business ?

Some of the better online retailers or manufacturers that sell memory foam or gel memory foam mattresses that are either members here (including Brooklyn Bedding) or among the better options I’m aware of are listed in post #12 here.


Thanks again they do work.
Now I am getting some what confused and need to stop and take another look at my notes. My findings. We liked the Jamison Oceania but it was a bit to soft. $2500 a set includes foundation delivery and pickup of old mattress.

1" 4 lb Ventilated JGel & 2" 5 lb Ventilated Visco Memory Foam
1" Comfort Lock Pad
7" Ultra-Premium High Density, Famous Hotel Foam Core 2.17 lb

I then talked to BB and Mario recommend their PureCool Symphony. This is their answer to the Tempur-Rhapsody® Breeze. $1,499.00 -5% needs a foundation about $300
4-way Stretch Cotton Mattress Cover
1" 4lb Gel-Infused Memory Foam
3" 4lb Memory Foam
8" 2.17lb BB HD Foam Core.

Today I talked to Daryl in Nashville who owns Mattress warehouse Nashville. Now he is a talker and quite a salesman and does seem to know his stuff but you need to keep him away from the hype. He recommended his Serta Icomport knockoff. He claims that this is the exact same mattress as the Icomfort prodigy. $1600 set with foundation pickup in Nashville 300miles.
2.8 lb 8" core, (advanced urethane technology)
3" stabil-foam (2.75lb density) (advanced urethane technology)
1" pure talalay latex, pindotted 5.8 lb density
2" high density memory foam 5.3 lb density (advanced urethane technology)
2.75" gel memory foam 5.8 lb density (advanced urethane technology)

All layers thermo heat bonded at aut, covering from A.A. Lava and son, bonding agent - simalfa soybean based adhesive
cover zips off for machine washing,
scuff resistant siding
same prototype as prodigy, same gcc
meets all govt regulations 16 cfr 32 and 16 cfr 33

And Last call today was a call to Mattress Factory Showroom Inc Gene the owner. By now I have a good feel for questioning these sales people. Gene owns the business and is happy to make a bed to your specs. He does not have a gel memory foam as of today but will have one soon. I explained the issue with the Jamison bed being to soft and he said that 2.17lb core foam was the issue and he would recommended a 3.5lb core 8" with 2" memory 5lbs with a 2" of latex over that. $990 set delivered.

I like the idea of building my own bed to my specs but now how do I arrive at a bed that will be the one. The latex over the top of the memory foam sounds like a good way to go. I am a side sleeper 6-3 240lbs my wife is 110lbs back. I like my king latex pillow and my wife likes her memory foam pillow. She is open to most anything that I feel good on since I seem to be the problem.

If I have this built any ideas on the make up.This my thoughts
4-way Stretch Cotton Mattress Cover
1" talalay foam
3" 5lb memory foam
8" 3.5lb poly core

Thanks again

Hi remops,

I’m not sure what he may have meant by saying the 2.17 lb foam was the issue unless he knows the IFD (firmness/softness) of the Jamison foam because foam density and foam softness are not closely connected. 2.17 lb foam can have a wide range of softness levels from very soft to ultra firm … all in the same density. Density does have some effect on the compression modulus of a foam (which is the rate it gets firmer as the foam is compressed more) but not on the firmness rating itself.

I am one of those who like the “feel” of latex over memory foam but like any combination of layers how it feels will depend on the specific firmness of the latex, the type of memory foam, and on your own individual perceptions and preferences. Perceptions of softness and firmness and the “feel” of a mattress are subjective and can vary widely between different people on the same mattress depending on the body type, sleeping positions, and individual perceptions of each person. One person’s “soft” is another person’s "firm.

At the end of the day … only your own personal experience (either before or after a purchase) can really know how a mattress feels to you and theory at a distance is only based on “averages” that may not apply to any specific person. If you test a mattress in person then of course you would know how it feels and performs if you do some careful and objective testing. If you are ordering a mattress online that you haven’t tested … then the manufacturer will often know how their mattress would compare to other mattresses that are widely available locally for most people but this introduces some subjective elements into the picture and a mattress that feels very similar to 9 out of 10 people may not feel the same as a mattress you tested for the tenth. In this case or when you have no experience with a specific design then the return policy of the retailer or manufacturer or the ability to make adjustments to the mattress may be an important part of each person’s personal value equation. There is more about “matching” one mattress to another in post #9 here and about making comfort choices based on theory or specs and some links to some of the “theory” involved in mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here but these are only generic and not specific to any individual person. It takes many years of experience and knowledge of foams and components to be able to predict how a mattress may feel and even the best manufacturers are often surprised at how a design for a new mattress doesn’t feel the same in real life as they thought it would “in theory”.

In other words … your recourse after a purchase if you design or choose a mattress that you haven’t tested and doesn’t work out to be close to your ideal may be an important part of your purchase decision.

The good news is that you are looking at final choices between good and good in terms of quality and value which is a great position to be in but your own experience will be the only way in the end to know if the mattress is suitable for your specific needs and preferences in terms of PPP 9Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences).


Thanks again I feel good with the companies but the problem is I haven’t found a mattress locally that I like the feel of so my choices so far are a kind of shot in the dark. I will have to rely on the return policy of each company.

Do you know of a mattress brand that has a latex over memory foam that I could try?


Hi remops,

Off the top of my head I don’t know of any in the major brands and memory foam over latex is much more common. There are local manufacturers across the country that either do or could make them and I come across them from time to time but I don’t keep a list of all the specific mattresses each manufacturer makes and they change on a regular basis as well.


Hi Phoenix

I talked to Gene at mattress factory showroom this morning and he will have a latex over memory foam by next week end. It will have a

6" core foam HD 3.2lb 20ild
2" of 5lb memory foam
2" of Talally latex

I will report back after I try it out. He is willing to do any make up I would like.

Thanks again I am so glad I ran across this site.

Hi remops,

The materials are certainly high quality and I’m looking forward to finding out how you like the “latex over memory foam” construction and of course any other feedback that you have a chance to share.