Coolest Sleeping Memory Foam Mattress?

Hi, I like the feel of memory foam, but I always wake up hot in the middle of the night. I don’t toss and turn, I just wake up. Please help me find a cool memory foam mattress.

As far as firmness, I really don’t care. I just want to sleep good, don’t care if it “feels nice” when I am still conscious laying on it for 5 minutes. A long time ago I had a plain tempur pedic, then had a tempur pedic cloud supreme which was way softer, nice cuz my arm didn’t go to sleep sleeping on my side, but I think it was so soft it hurt my lower back.

Now I have a “Sleep Innovations 12” SureTemp" and the first time I laid on it I thought it was hard as a rock, but it actually is comfortable. Way better than a super soft innerspring I bought and gave away shortly after. The Sleep Innovations mattress is fine for my back, but like i said, I wake up from it feeling hot.

Please help me find the ultimate mattress for me so that I can sleep better and not die of exhaustion.

Some article said “amerisleep”. Another website said “bed in a box”. I am really desperate for a good night’s sleep. I have been through 5 mattresses in the past year. Tempurpedic original, Tempurpedic, Cloud Supreme, Latex, Innerspring and now Sleep Innovations. Trying out mattresses is really expensive. :frowning: I don’t care though, I will keep looking and don’t care if I can’t save for retirement as long as I can sleep.

Hi KeepCooler,

Memory foam mattresses as a category will tend to sleep warmer than other types of mattresses and I don’t know of any specific or legitimate testing that has been done between different memory foam mattresses that has measured the actual sleeping temperature for a wide range of people in any scientific way so I don’t think that anybody can tell you which memory foam mattress sleeps the coolest.

There are also many factors that can affect the sleeping temperature of a memory foam mattress (or any mattress) besides the memory foam itself and there are also differences between different memory foams and mattress designs that can make a difference so for most people if a mattress sleeps “cool enough” or as long as they are in a comfortable temperature range for them that’s all that is really important to them.

Post #2 here has more details about all the different factors that can affect sleeping temperature and post #6 here has more about the differences between different types of memory foam and memory foam mattresses so you have some reference points to look for that can help you compare different memory foam mattresses in terms of their “sleeping temperature potential” in the absence of any specific information that can tell you exactly how warm you will sleep on any specific mattress.


If you liked the Cloud Supreme but found it slept too hot, then check out the Cloud with the cooling layer on it. Its not as soft as the Supreme, and it does feel cool.

I went with the Cirrus Luxe from Select Comfort, and despite my disagreements over the marketing hyperbole that proclaims its a reverse engineered Cloud Supreme (it aint), the bed absolutely lives up to its cooling claims. I was used to waking up on my Tempur Classic drenched in a puddle of sweat, but I have yet to do so on this mattress.

My Tempur Cloud pillow, while extremely right for my head, has taken over as the sweat collector. If I didn’t have a moisture protector on that biscuit, it would have already been sent to the trash pile.

Thank you for your tips. Please keep suggesting things you’ve tried and either know work or don’t work.

The Cloud Supreme was too soft for me. Hurt my back.

The FeelCooler line of mattress pads don’t do anything.

What I am looking at trying next are one of these :

Outlast Mattress Pad - space age temperature controlling material
Amerisleep Liberty Bed - uses BioH plant based soy foam that Cargill says sleeps cooler (but the company has an F rating from BBB:()
Bed In A Box - Tranquility Gel - their “coolest sleeping mattress”

Any experiences with these would love to hear.

Hi Keepcooler,

[quote]Amerisleep Liberty Bed - uses BioH plant based soy foam that Cargill says sleeps cooler (but the company has an F rating from BBB:()
Bed In A Box - Tranquility Gel - their “coolest sleeping mattress”[/quote]

You can read a little more about Amerisleep and Bedinabox in the links in post #2 here. You can also read more about so called “plant based foams” in post #2 here. The plant based foams are more about marketing than any difference in quality although they can be a “small step” in the use of more sustainable materials.

Outlast is a phase change material which means that it can regulate temperature to some degree in both directions (cooling and warming). Like other materials or fabrics (such as coolmax fabrics, fabrics that use natural fibers such as cotton, viscose/rayon fabrics, or wool in a quilting layer as just a few examples), it can make a difference in sleeping temperature but how hot you sleep on any specific mattress will depend on all the other factors that in combination with each other can affect sleeping temperature … not just one. Some people will tell you that a mattress that used Outlast (either in the cover or the top foam materials) worked very well for them in terms of temperature regulation while others may tell you that they still slept warm on a mattress that also used Outlast but it would certainly be one factor that in combination with others can make a difference in regulating sleeping temperature and help offset the tendency of memory foam to sleep warmer than other materials.