Cooling vs Memory Foam Density

Seems there is a lot of people saying more dense is better but isn’t more dense hotter?

Hi KeepCooler,

Memory foam that has a higher density would be more durable than lower density memory foam but whether it was cooler or warmer would depend on the specifics of the memory foam although in very general terms (not specific to any particular version of memory foam or any specific manuracturer) 4 lb memory foams as a group would tend to be more breathable and cooler than 5 lb memory foams. You can read more about the different technologies that are used to offset the tendency of memory foam to sleep warmer than other types of foam in post #6 here so density alone wouldn’t be a reliable indicator of how warm a particular memory foam would tend to sleep. There are also many other factors that combined together can affect the sleeping temperature of a mattress besides just the type of foam used in the mattress (see post #2 here).