Correction re: Springwall Mattress Info Received


IN my previous posting, we said that Carey at Springwall said that the first 3 item noted were al 2 pound density.

CORRECTION: We misread our notes; On the first 3 items you mentioned, Carey said they were “1.2 or 1.5” (pound density)…not 2 pounds. The other items were 2 pounds.

Hi inforequestbarnes,

Thanks for the updated information. I switched your last post to the previous thread to keep all the information together.

2 lb polyfoam is a high quality material and would be a durable choice in a comfort layer but 1.2 lb polyfoam is a low quality material and 1.5 lb polyfoam is also lower quality/density than I would tend to be comfortable with in a one sided mattress. It would be more suitable in the comfort layers for either a two sided mattress or a lower budget mattress where durability wasn’t a major issue or expectation because of the low cost of the mattress. I would tend to avoid a one sided mattress that used more than about an inch or so of lower quality materials in the upper layers and once you are in the range of about 2" or so there is a higher risk of foam softening and the premature loss of comfort and support.