Corsicana 8620 Gel Mattress


Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this mattress set? This is the one with the 1" layer of latex in the middle. The salesperson at the local showroom here in Albuquerque said the top layer is 5.4 lb memory foam, but I can’t seem to verify that anywhere. I weigh about 195 lbs and am famous for creating dents in innerspring mattresses and want to make sure that doesn’t happen with whichever memory foam mattress we wind up buying. Any help would be appreciated.

I was also looking to purchase the Corsicana Harmony 8610 Gel Mattress…anyone familiar with this particular mattress or brand?

A guy close to me is selling them new…$899 for King sets.

I also had a local shop quote me $1,500 for the Sealy Optimum Radiance King Set. Anyone familiar with that one?


There is a link to the Corsicana Harmony layer breakdown

This is the 8620 model breakdown. Makes me a little nervous when the company cannot even spell “memory”.

I also asked about the density of the layers as far as weight breakdown and was told “5.3 lb”, but I’m not sure which layer he was referring to.

He also told me that Corsicana is #6 in the nation in sales.

I called Corsicana direct and the girl I spoke with didn’t seem to know anything. After asking someone she told me the top layer (Cool Reflections Memroy Foam) as they call it was 2.5 lbs. When I asked about the other layers she said she didn’t know. I have since decided I am not going with this brand.

I’m still holding on to hope as the price is great…just have not come across anyone that knows that much about this particular mattress :frowning:

Hi RockinDaddy and texasderek,

My experience with Corsicana is somewhat mixed and it depends entirely on the retailer that sells them and their ability and willingness to provide meaningful information about the mattresses they sell. It seems that some of them have access to the layer information with Corsicana and some of them don’t and it probably depends on which factory and the sales rep they are dealing with. I personally wouldn’t consider a mattress at any retailer if I wasn’t able to find out the details about the quality of every layer in the mattress.

As far as Corsicana itself … I have heard a lot of good feedback about them from retailers and they usually consider Corsicana to be one of the better larger manufacturers (they are in the top 10 in terms of size) and they back up their retailers very well which allows them to be more liberal with returns and exchanges and provide better service to their customers. If I was going to make a “blind” purchase … I would choose a Corsicana mattress over a roughly equivalent icomfort because Corsicana is a better “value” brand and the quality of their materials would likely be similar but I personally would never make a blind mattress purchase. I consider the mattress manufacturer and the retailer that sells them to be equally important in the “value” of what you buy and if both of them can’t provide the information I need … I would pass the mattress by. A manufacturer that makes this information available to their retailers is of little value if the retailer you are buying from doesn’t pass it on to their customers.

In the case of the 8620 and 8610 (or another name that may be used in different retailers) … I would want to know the density information about every memory foam, gel memory foam, and polyfoam layer. I would assume that the latex was reasonable quality. Without this information (not just one of the layers) … I would not purchase it from a retailer that couldn’t tell me what was inside it.

This will save you many hours of frustration trying to track down “mystery” specs when the retailer should be doing that for you.