costco astoria

i ended up back at after all the reading and hundreds of mattress i looked at . found one called astoria 4lb density Sleep Science comfort scale: Plush with medium support
12" Astoria visco memory foam mattress fits the dimensions of your bed
Meets the requirements of 16 CFR Part 1633 – Federal Flammability (open flame) standards
Limited Warranty: 20 Years
Mattress cover sleeping surface is made with a polyester blend fabric and is removable and washable
Mattress top layer: 2" proprietary premium 4-lb slumber tech visco memory foam
Middle layer: 2" proprietary 3-lb slumber tech visco memory foam air flow
Bottom layer: 8" Sleep Science patent pending air channel base made with support tech foam
4"x4" Patented wedge, edge support system
Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
Visco memory foam conforms to your body to relieve pressure points and improve circulation
Visco memory foam is temperature reactive, therefore the mattress will react uniquely to each individual’s body temperature
looks good to me 593.99 after tax shipping included 100 dollars off just wanted your opinion i didnt really learn all that much but from what i did seems good. mattress is only as good as what it is made out of. the foam is 4 lb a plus 100 percent visco they say it is no fillers and safe claim to be working on their certi put verification was wandering about the chemicals and if its a big concern. says its made in china but rigurous trsting done for quality. hr supprt base seems they got a cooling system. was wandering about thatt foam though good quality right. also i am a stomach sleeper and its a plush mattress i weigh 155 pounds do you think my allignment will be right. guess thats enough for now. your opinion would be apprecited for the future… guess i should just read the damn forums more lol

Hi bobmarley,

You can see the criteria I use for memory foams in post #10 here and this mattress certainly doesn’t meet them.

These are low quality to medium quality memory foams and I personally wouldn’t consider a mattress that had 2" of 3 lb memory foam in it. In addition to that … “working on CertiPur” and being CertiPur certified are two different things and I personally wouldn’t buy any offshore memory foam that wasn’t certified.

You can see some of my thoughts about Sleep Science in post #2 here as well (although my comments there about good quality foam doesn’t apply to this mattress)

And finally you can see some of my thoughts about buying a mattress from Costco in post #4 here.

Overall … the only benefit of buying this mattress that I can see is Costco’s return policy so returning it is fairly painless (outside of the time and effort spent) but for me there would be too many strikes against it to consider it.