Costco(Canada) Gel Memory Foam

I am a low income senior with back problems. Any opinions on the Costco Gel Memory Foam mattress: Item #304611
I don’t understand what the" medium firm field zone with medium high support means ?"

Hi Nanna Dee,

The video mentions a “medium firm feel” (rather than field) and medium high support. The “feel” of a mattress generally comes more from the comfort layers (the layers near the top that relieve pressure) and the support comes more from the deeper layers (the layers that hold you up and keep you in alignment). A “medium firm feel” or “medium high support” are fairly meaningless terms because how a mattress feels and how well it supports any particular person (keeps you in alignment) will vary widely from person to person depending on body type, sleeping positions, and individual preferences.

A mattress is also only as good as the quality of the materials that are in it and big box stores don’t normally list most of the information you would need to know the quality or relative value of a mattress you were considering there. They don’t have people working there that have any real knowledge about mattresses so their ability to help you make good choices or tell you the quality of the materials in the mattress is generally very low.

When you choose a big box store like Costco … about the only way to know what a mattress may feel like is to read the reviews but even this is not accurate because one person’s “firm” is another person’s “soft”.

This mattress also uses lower quality materials in the comfort layers (the memory foam is lower density and uses the type of gel memory foam that has particles in it and is less durable). The only good thing about buying from Costco or other big box stores is that they have a good refund policy. Other than that you are rolling the dice in terms of the quality and value of the mattress you are buying and how well it may suit your unique needs and preferences.

In most cases … unless you are able to find the necessary information about a mattress that is sold online (which usually means dealing with an outlet that is knowledgeable about mattresses and mattress materials) … you would be better off working with one of the better local manufacturers or sleep shops in your area that can give you the help and guidance you need to make your best possible choice of a mattress both in terms of cost and value and knowing through your own personal testing that the mattress is suitable for your needs and preferences. This way you can also make sure that a mattress doesn’t use low quality foams and materials that will soften so much that it will feel and perform very differently in a year than it does when it is new. A mattress that becomes unsleepable because of softening and loses its comfort or support is not covered by warranty … even though this is the main reason people need to replace a mattress. This can sometimes happen very quickly with lower density and quality foams.

There is a step by step process in post #10 here that can give you much better odds of finding a better mattress in any budget range.

If you let me know the city you live in I’d be happy to let you know of any of the better local possibilities that are near you that I’m aware of.


Thank you very much. This was most helpful. And I have decided to continue my research. This is a great site. TY TY