Cotton/wool cover issue on the all latex mattress

I have tried every layer arrangement possible with my all latex mattress, everything wound up causing lower back and/or shoulder pain eventually. Called customer service and the thinking was that I was just one of those persons that just doesn’t do well on latex - I do have lower back issues, and would unfortunately probably just need to return the mattress. Then I remembered reading somewhere that someone removed their cover and slept on the latex without it, so I tried that. This seemed to do the trick, haven’t had lower back since since removing the cotton/wool cover. So, my question is this. Are there any other cover options available that stretch and allow one to more sleep on the latex?

Congratulations on figuring out how to enjoy your mattress! I can sympathize; I’m going through the same thing myself ;-). In terms of the mattress cover, some vendors have a stretchy knit cover that is like a little body suit for the latex. You may want to check the Trusted Members section of this site, then select “Latex/All Latex” to browse offerings online (this is the direct link: Latex & All Latex :: The Mattress Underground ). Hope that helps!

Thank you I will do that! Now that I know what the latex feels like without the cover I would like to stay with a latex mattress, either all latex or a hybrid.

Maybe consider going with a firmer layer of latex over the coils/latex base and putting a topper above the mattress cover to reach the desired level of firmness? This will allow you to sleep directly on the latex. That’s my current arrangement with my standard Avocado mattress. I have a 3" layer of 24 ILD Dunlop latex sitting on the mattress that I sleep directly on.

Hi Lorim,
I bought an all latex mattress 15 years ago and had the same problem. It was a Boulder Foam Source Nulex 8" with 6" talalay medium on the bottom and 2" talalay soft on the top. I was able to unzip the top and sleep right on the latex which helped my back. To cover it I bought a bed bug encasement with a zip off top so that I could lay the mattress in it and then zip the top on. This one is in most bed bath and beyond stores.

You don’t want one that opens at the end and you have to try and stuff the mattress in.

We are currently shopping for new mattresses because we bought twinXL adjustable bases and cut our latex mattress in half. So we had to get new bed bug encasements so bought 2 more of the above.

But it turns out all latex caves a bit with an adjustable base and because we no longer had the original outer cover holding the sides in (our mattress was a king that we cut in half to make 2 twinXLs) it tended to bulge out. So if you go this route and can remove just your cover keep the original casing around the sides.

Another one that works is this because the top unzips on all three sized so you can lay the mattress in it. The assembly instructions show it being stuffed in at the size but in the description it says unzips all three sides. We just bought one and can verify that it is the lay in design so easy to work with.