Cotton/Wool mattress cover or Cotton/Bamboo mattress cover?

We are considering a latex mattress from SleepEZ and have the choice of the thicker cotton/wool cover or the thinner stretch cotton/bamboo cover. What are the pros and cons to each option?

Hi Belivy Sunrise,

They would be able to give you much more accurate or detailed information than I could because they know more about the specifics of the materials and components they use than anyone else.

In general terms though a cotton/wool cover which uses wool in the quilting would provide better temperature and humidity control because of the ability of wool to absorb and store humidity and heat away from the body (inside the fiber itself) and then release it gradually to the environment. Wool is much more breathable than foam (which is an insulator) and the wool quilted cover would add a layer of more breathable fibers closer to your body. It is also thicker so it will slightly reduce the compression of the latex compared to a thinner more stretchy cover which is more “giving” and would have slightly less effect on the feel of the latex.

If you choose a split top layer then the thicker wool quilted cover would also be a better choice because it will even out the feel of the split much better than a thinner unquilted stretchy cover.


Thank you so much for the helpful explanation!