Couple of latex mattress questions


First I would like to say that this is an outstanding resource! I’ve often felt like I needed a degree to go mattress shopping and this site provides some very simplified information. And, Phoenix, your posts are the most detailed responses I have ever seen on a message board!! Thanks!

I apologize, in advance, for the length of this post.

I had a very comfortable mattress for almost fifteen years that only cost $250 and I gave it away willy nilly, thinking I would just sail into a mattress store and buy another one. Since then, I have actually considered stealing my old one back. I went to almost every mattress store in my area and laid down on every “soft” bed they had for sale. I recognize that I probably prefer a mattress much softer than most people so, at first, I was undaunted. But, after I don’t know how many mattresses, I started to get frustrated. And, needless to say, these mattresses cost a great deal more than $250!! I finally got a call from a store that had a Restonic that the salesman wanted me to try out. I laid down and almost went to sleep it was so comfortable! It was the only one that seemed to “fill in the gaps” when I laid on my back and my side. It was on clearance and the only one in stock so he was pressing me to purchase it right away but I wanted to do a little research. I found that approximately 50% of the Restonic reviews were glowing and the other 50% were extremely angry because the mattress developed a sink hole and the company would not honor the warranty. I was too chicken to roll the dice and the mattress was sold. Then I read about latex mattresses on another site and decided that would be my next mattress purchase so, here I am!

I am pretty much ready to purchase the Ultimate Dream mattress from Amazon as it fits my budget right now. My hesitation is regarding two points that really don’t have anything to do with the actual mattress. I have an antique bed that most closely fits a full size mattress but it has one of the old spring box springs, as a regular one won’t fit. Will the Ultimate Dream work with that or will it be too high? Or, worse, will the springs damage the mattress? Also, I somehow inherited snake blood so, currently, I sleep with a heated mattress cover, an electric blanket and many quilts topped with a comforter. Will I be able to use the mattress cover with the latex mattress? From what I’ve read, the latex mattress will allow me to eliminate some of the quilts but I can’t imagine living without my electric linen in these North East winters.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide!

Hi sweetsapphire,

Many years ago I owned a mattress that was a single layer of HR polyfoam that I used for a number of years that my memories say was among the most comfortable I ever had. It also cost me only a few hundred if memory serves me right and I got rid of it in a move thinking that I would easily replace it. Little did I know at the time that it wasn’t as easy as I thought … especially because I didn’t really know exactly what I was sleeping on or know enough about mattresses or foam to really know what to look for.

This is fairly typical because Restonic makes many different mattresses … some of which use great quality materials and some which don’t. They are also a licensee group (like Englander, Therapedic, Comfort solutions and others) and the licensee factories don’t always agree about what they should use in their mattresses and can make them in different ways in the areas of the country they service. It’s always the materials that determines how well a mattress performs over time and it’s durability not so much the manufacturer that puts the materials into a cover.

I don’t know if it will be too high for you because only you can decide that. If you add the height of the Ultimate Dreams you are considering to the height from the top of the box spring to the floor you will know the height or your sleeping system with your new mattress. Alternatively you could measure your current mattress and then compare it to the Ultimate Dreams to know how much higher it would be (assuming it’s thicker than your old mattress).

If the box spring is still in great condition and has an even surface with no sags or soft spots (which you can test along the surface with your knee) then they would be fine although the mattress will feel different on a box spring that has actual springs than it will on a foundation that has a firm solid non flexing surface. Typically a latex hybrid, all latex mattress, or a memory foam mattress is designed to be used on a non flexing foundation but a box spring is also used sometimes as well (the mattresses sold at Original mattress Factory are all sold with an “active” box spring for example). It’s not 'bad" … just different.

If you need a different box spring or foundation then a local manufacturer (such as here or another one here for example) may be able to build you a custom sized foundation or box spring to fit your bed.

Latex is not heat sensitive like memory foam so you will be able to use anything you are using on your current mattress. It is also more breathable than other types of foam and can regulate temperature better.


Thanks for the response, Phoenix!


Makes perfect sense. Of course, back when I was young and much lighter, I could sleep like a baby on almost anything so I didn’t even look to see what a mattress was made of. When I was looking for a mattress, I would peel back the sheets on every bed that felt good to see what brand it was. Not that it would do me any good because the same mattress could be called something else at a different store.

Of course!! Why didn’t I think of that?! You’re so logical…that’s what I like about you! A little common sense in the budget never hurt anyone. I will measure when I get home.

As for the box spring, I doubt I will have one made. The mattress that I currently have is a queen and it’s just a hair too wide. I’ll be ordering the full size Eurotop Ultimate Dreams mattress. I will be sure to let Chuck know that it will be resting on actual springs and see what he recommends for the layers. I would think that would allow me to go slightly firmer in the middle with a softer top. But, what do I know? A stranger had to tell me to measure my own mattress.

Best news I’ve heard all day!! I will come back and update the thread after I have ordered and spoken to Chuck. Then I will be sure and post how it feels once I’ve slept on it for a while.

Thanks again for the info, Phoenix!

Hi Sweetsapphire,

[quote]Best news I’ve heard all day!! I will come back and update the thread after I have ordered and spoken to Chuck. Then I will be sure and post how it feels once I’ve slept on it for a while.

Thanks again for the info, Phoenix! [/quote]

You’re very welcome … and I’m looking forward to your feedback once you’ve had the chance to sleep on it.

Congratulations on your new mattress … and this time you’ll even know what’s in it … for future reference :slight_smile: