Cozy Pure Hotel Collection Smell

We purchased a Cozy Pure Luxury Hotel Collection with the lanoodle topper about about 4 months ago. We have actually only slept on the bed for about 2 months due to a medical situation that came about.

[Long story short, my GF had an emergency surgery which makes her uncomfortable laying flat after so she has been sleeping in a reclining sofa and I sleep on the couch beside her to win BF of the year award]

Just recently we started getting this weird smell in our bedroom room. I personally thought it was some of the medical supplies since I didn’t really notice it until after she came back home from her stay at the hospital.

The other day, she told me that it was the mattress that smelled funny. After smelling the mattress, that is definitely what the smell is.

So how do I describe the smell: Well, it’s just funky. To me, It’s not a medical smells, it’s not a full out latex smell… but it’s just weird. It’s not a gut wrenching smell, but it’s just one of those odd smells that is distinctive enough and odd enough that one just doesn’t like.

So my question is: Has anyone else had any issues with an off-gassing or ordor with their Cozy Pure mattress?

We haven’t contacted them to get their opinion just yet. I want to make sure it’s not something we have done or contributed to. Being such a new mattress and hardly even slept on, it’s hard for me to think it’s something we’ve done. Just looking for some insight.

Hi HybridAWD,

Like most natural materials … both latex and wool have some smell when they are new. Both of these will diminish over time to levels that won’t be noticeable for most people but how long it will take will also depend on the sensitivity of the person and the smell of natural products can also vary somewhat from batch to bath.

There is more about the smell of latex in post #2 here and there are some suggestions here that should be helpful but I suspect that what you are smelling is probably the wool (see post #18 here) or of course it could be a combination of both. In the case of wool it can also be stronger initially in more humid environments and airing out the comforter in the sun can also help. It may also be worth calling Cozy Pure as well to see if they have any additional suggestions.

Either way it’s certainly not harmful and will diminish over time to levels that most people won’t notice.