Cozy Pure Mattress Protector

I’m planning to buy this protector for our new mattress:

Any comments or feedback from others who have tried it?
We are hoping that it will add to (as opposed to detract from) the comfort of our mattress. And offer enough protection. I have read through the topics and realize that there is no “perfect” choice and that it involves personal preference, as Phoenix would say :slight_smile:

And Cozy Pure is having a 25% off sale, so I am happy with the timing.

Hi buttercupbettey,

I personally don’t have any experience with the CozyPure organic cotton Matalasse mattress protector, but perhaps someone here on the forum has experience with it and can share their story.

It will tend to be a bit more “substantial” than a typical mattress pad, as it is a 300 gram weight, and it is a well made product, like so much of what CozyPure offers. It features good absorbency of body oils, etc., but it would not be waterproof. And your timing sounds good with their promotion. :wink:


I’m getting very excited to try our new sleep system!

Thank you for the stats on their fabric weight.

Hi buttercupbetty,

You’re welcome!