Cozy Pure...Narrowed down after your suggestions

First…thx for all the great info…my wife is 41 5’6" and 128 lbs. I am 42 5’11 180 lbs…we had a Sealy spring free “meadows” for about 7 years and have finally had enough sleepless nights achy shoulders and back. We both are athletic however i have a buldging disc due to a motercycle accident and cannot sleep on a mattress too firm as it excacerbates my back issue. I really require a mattress soft enough for comfort but still firm enough to provide proper spinal alighnment. After reading your system of how to select a mattress custom suited to each individual, I have narrowed down to a couple natural latex mattress makers. We live in Maryland so none of the recommendations on yours site are too convenient to my location.

Top of my list is the “luxury hotel” version of Cozy Pure based on the customization of the comfort. I however was a bit taken back that the company (unlike others) will NOT accept returns or refunds. Thus do not have a sleep comfort trial or permit returns if the bed does not allow the personal comfort expected. They only offer (for a cost) the purchase of different top layer latex to change the softness of the topmost layer.

Given the policy vs comfort/quality would you still recommend or point me in a different direction. The logical side of me is a bit concerned especially given the price at just under 4k. Most other brands of this perceived quality offer sleep guarantees and return policies. I have no experience with the company so any advice/feedback for you or others is greatly appreciated!!!

Hi Seamaster,

As you know Cozy Pure is a member of this site which means that I think very highly of them and they are certainly one of the group of manufacturers that I recommend. You can also see some comments about them in post #11 here and post #446 here and post #2 here (and the rest of the topic). This topic may be of interest as well.

Having said that … I don’t make recommendations for specific manufacturers or mattresses or “what” to choose because there are too many unknowns, variables, and personal preferences involved for me to know which manufacturer or mattress is the best match for someone else in terms of PPP or in terms of “value” because each person’s needs and preferences and the parts of their personal value equation that are most important to them can be very different but I can help with “how” to choose.

There is more about the different ways to choose a mattress (either online or locally) in post #2 here that can help you identify and reduce the risks involved with each of them and there is also more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase in post #13 here that can help you make more meaningful comparisons between your finalists.

There are certainly other latex options that are well worth considering made by some of the other online manufacturers/retailers that are members of the site that are listed in post #12 here that have more liberal exchange/return policies or lower prices but you are the only one that can assess your “risk tolerance”, your own confidence that a mattress is a good match for you in terms of PPP, or how you feel about the risks involved with any mattress purchase and the options you have available after a purchase and these are all parts of each person’s personal value equation that may be more important to some people and less important to others.

I would generally suggest having a list of several “finalists” (two or three at least) so that you can make more meaningful “value” comparisons between several manufacturers and mattresses and when you are down to a list of finalists that are all choices between “good and good” and there are no clear winners between them then you are in the fortunate position that any of them would likely be a suitable choice and post #2 here can help you make a final choice based on your conversations with each of them, your confidence about the suitability of each one, the options you have after a purchase, and on “informed best judgement” based on all the other objective, subjective, and intangible parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.


If you are conflicted about cost and returns, and since you live in Maryland, you need to drive down to the new Cozy Pure store in Norfolk. 3-4 hours each way I presume. Talk to Hans. Shop in person. You will have a much better idea of the softness/firmness of the the different mattresses. We visited before we purchased. Wife talked a lot on the phone with Hans. You will get the 5% discount, but ask for the 20% cuddle up discount on lanoodle toppers, mattress covers, foundation, etc.

Stop at the Cheese Shop in Williamsburg for lunch on the way home. Make a day of it. If you live within 260 miles, I recommend you visit.

I am not affiliated with the company. But 2 and 1/2 years after purchase we are still pleased with the comfort and value. Mattress still has no impression. Kids love the lanoodle pillows, and son in college has a lanoodle topper. It’s that comfy.

I recognize that their mattresses may not be ideal for you and your wife, but a day trip to Norfolk will answer the question and at least remove the doubt. The hotel bundle is a good, comfy option, but Hans can suggest a lot of options.