crib mattress for one year old toddler

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of replacing my baby’s crib mattress with a latex one. Is a too soft mattress bad for toddlers? I remember when she was a newborn, it was recommended that the mattress not be too soft for risk of suffocation. Is there the same risk for toddlers? She usually sleeps on her back, but sometimes on her side.

Thanks in advance! Reading all the posts here has helped me tremendously in picking out my new mattress (got a latex twin xl while the wife got a tempurpedic tempur-cloud for her side)

Hi tl11,

No it would be fine but I would still choose a firmer latex mattress with children than for an adult because their growing but less developed bodies need less contouring and firmer support. Post #2 here has links to the better threads in the forum about mattresses and children that will be helpful and also have some good sources for children’s mattresses. I just added this thread from yesterday to the children’s mattresses post who were also looking for a crib mattress and may also be helpful.


Great! Thank you Phoenix!