Cuddle Mattress

A designer is trying to crowd-fund his ‘cuddle mattress’ design on indiegogo. I’m curious to hear what the mattress experts on here have to say about it. I personally like the idea and it seems like he plans to use good materials, but it’d be hard to commit to an untested mattress design.

Hi martron,

It’s certainly an interesting idea and has some possibilities for those who are looking for a solution to the cuddling issues it addresses. It’s also generated a fair bit of discussion on the web although not a lot of donations. It would also be interesting to see how well it performed and felt for “regular” sleeping because I can see how it could feel quite unusual.

There are also a couple of other mattresses that I know of that are designed to solve similar types of issues.

They do seem to be using some good quality materials and I can even see the benefits of the mattress for other issues as well (such as those who have difficulty finding a mattress that allows their shoulders to sink in far enough) but like so many other good ideas, it’s specific application, the details involved in how well they turn the idea into reality, how the mattress performs in real life (and there are some potential issues here including some of the “other” activities on a mattress), and how well they solve some of the other connected issues both of the mattress itself (such as sheets and foundations) and the marketing and business issues that they will come across will have a lot to do with its success as well.

For now the best description I could give it would be “interesting” and “has some potential” but perhaps for a more limited and “targeted” market.