Curious about latex layer replacement

Hello TMU!

I have read the tutorial on mattress durability and I realize that no one can tell us how long a mattress will last (aka, remain comfortable).

How common is it to actually replace layers (like 5, 10 or 15 years in)? SleepEZ has told me that they simply don’t (or very rarely) wear out. But then I have read other members share that they chose Flobeds due to the Goldilocks Guarantee (the ability to replace layers at a reduced cost after many years of ownership). Just wondering which scenario is more likely for the “average” consumer (-:

Thank you!

Hi buttercupbetty,

You’re correct that the durability of a mattress and the individual layers within a component system can be quite varied and there is on standard telling how long such layers will “last” (be comfortable) for each person. It is usual that the preferred comfort of the product/layer will cause it to be replaced before it is actually “worn out”. Some of the many factors involved in durability are described in much more detail here.

For wear, the uppermost layer in a component-style system is the most common for replacement, as it undergoes the most mechanical stress and is often the softest layer within a system. The time of replacement, if at all, would depend upon the many factors linked to in the earlier part of my reply regarding durability, as well as the sensitivity of the individual using the mattress. Some people are more sensitive and specific in the comfort they desire and will replace layers more frequently or opt for a program like the one you mentioned from Flobeds. Others will keep their system for over 20 years, although that isn’t something I would necessarily recommend or consider “normal”, but as latex is a quite durable product, it does happen. But just like there is no “average” mattress, there is also no “average” consumer! :wink:


Its easy to replace layer - just take old layer out and put new one instead.
Of course, layers should not be glued together.

My 100% natural latex mattress is like brand new after 3 years. No signs of wear at all.
I am not only happy with the purchase, but also able to swap layers at any time if I want to change something.

From whom did you purchase? What type of latex and which mattress model?

Thank you! I figured you wouldn’t have a specific answer for me (-;

On a side note: what is the difference between Talalay Global and Radium (Vita Talalay)?

Hi buttercupbetty,

Oh, I think my answer was specific…in that there is no one specific answer to your question. :cheer:

These are the two Talalay latex producers in the Western world. They both produce different varieties of blended and natural Talalay, and I would consider both good options for a choice of latex.


So would you recommend one over the other? Or testing them in person to “feel” for differences?

100% Natural Arpico Latex from local retailer. Dunlop.
Noone can beat their prices. I paid around 1500CAD for king. 6+3"

Now shopping for kid mattress. Would like to try Talalay, but there are no good local companies that I can trust…

Both 2 companies that I like, use Dunlop.

Hi buttercupbetty,

I’d always recommend local testing if you can to find out what ILD you prefer. Both manufacturers make a fine product and I don’t know that yo’ll notice much of a difference between the two brands at a similar softness. Some people have a personal preference for the Radium latex (VIta Talalay) for their lack of fillers.