Curious, when hot is too hot with a new mattress

I’m getting to like the feel of my new memory foam mattress, and the top layer is a lower density sort with gel for supposedly cooler sleep. What I notice, however, is that I wake up with my spine feeling like it’s on fire. I’m overall not too hot myself, but the parts that sink into the foam can really overheat in a localized manner. Is that what people mean about sleeping hot on memory foam mattresses? I was under the impression that they were just overall warmer–sort of like having a comforter that’s too warm for the room temperature. But this is the third time now I wake up either in the morning or from a nap feeling like I absolutely must get up ASAP, because my spine is just burning up (I’m a side and back sleeper). As I sit here typing this post, I’ve been up from a nap for 20 minutes, and my middle spine area still feels like it was slow-roasted for a while.

Should that issue improve after some initial break-in of the mattress? Or does this mean memory foam and I will not be friends? I specifically went for a gel-foam to start with, thinking I’d be better with that than high density top layer foams to reduce the heat issue I’ve read people complain about, statistically more with high density foams. My next choice will be a firm/medium type Talalay latex mattress if this doesn’t work out.