Custom-made and Reasonable

After shopping around at various sleep stores and searching through many reviews and blogs on mattress-buying I was getting pretty desperate because of the confusing stories and overwhelming facts to assimilate. I was so glad to find this website where to my surprise there was a locally-owned company in my own city where I can actually participate in the process of building a bed that fits my needs. I have taken the first step and called with many questions, and based on his responses I am going down to try out beds and discuss building a bed to my specific needs and preferences. This is an amazing thing, and I am excited but I want to get it right. I wondered if you could provide some guidelines based on the following: 140 lb. female side-sleeper with broader shoulders (with shoulder pain), narrow hips, sometimes sleep hot. So based on the wonderful information I have gleaned from this website I have learned that inner spring with latex comfort layer is a reasonably-priced option. This manufacturer (Restmore) seems to be able to build me something for around $1000 which sounds very good. He can do zoning for the shoulders. His latex is Talalay, not pure (around 60%), and he uses 14 gauge steel pocket coils. He says he can find any kind of ticking fabric I would like. Does it matter what kind of mattress cover I put over it? Can you think of anything else I should consider? When trying out the options, is there anything to guard against? If all goes well I will also get him to build a bed for my husband who is heavy-set and from all I’ve read will need a firmer support and thicker comfort layer. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Winnipeg Seeker,

I’m glad you found us … and it’s fortunate that you have one of the best quality and value manufacturers right in your city :slight_smile:

The best advice I can give you is to listen to your body when you go to test mattresses and focus on giving Harry at Restmore the best possible feedback when you are lying on mattresses. He has the experience and knowledge and knows all the options available to suggest any changes based on your feedback so you only have to focus on what you are feeling in terms of pressure relief and alignment and he will know what to do if anything needs changing. Post #11 here may help you in testing alignment which is a little more difficult than testing for pressure relief which is more obvious.

The materials and components you are looking at are good quality and there are many people whose favorite mattress is an innerspring/latex hybrid. Blended Talalay is also a great material and if anything can be more durable and pressure relieving in softer ILD’s than natural Talalay (see this article about the different types of latex).

I would probably tend to choose a stretch knit cover with natural fibers like cotton or a “semi-synthetic” viscose ticking like bamboo and I would also consider wool quilting (although it may be more) because of the ability of natural fibers to control humidity and regulate temperature and a stretch knit will conform to the latex well but again your body will tell you what feels the best.

It seems to me that you have done some good research and I think you already have a good sense of the basics (a little thicker and softer for your lower weight and wider shoulders to sink in enough and possibly zoning to help prevent your pelvis from sinking down too far).

It’s just like getting fitted for a custom outfit … if you focus on how it feels and give them good feedback … they have the knowledge and expertise to make the suggestions and the tweaks to make it the way you want it :slight_smile:

You are going in a good direction IMO and I hope you let us know how it goes.