Currently reside in Vancouver, BC. Struggling to find a comfortable mattress that completely relieves pressure points, particularly in lower back and buttocks. Have visited virtually every mattress retailer in Vancouver, BC area. Cannot find a mattress that feels comfortable. Considering having a mattress custom made for me. Looking for a respected mattress manufacturer in Vancouver, BC area. Also would like to know if there are sleep consultants who may be able to assist me. Arnold

Buying a mattress in Canada sucks.

I live in a similar are, depending on your budget you might want to check out McLeary’s Canadian Made Quality Furniture & Mattresses in Langely or WR Mattress Gallery in Langely. North Shore Linenes if you want to go the DIY route has cheap high quality latex.

I reccomend #1 on this list if you have a higher budget, they have some really great beds in the 2-3k range.