Customer Service Makes A Difference

My wife and I are looking for a latex mattress and have called several internet dealers and am amazed at the difference in customer service. Sleepez and plushbeds are top notch and have great customer serviceā€¦ On the other end of the scale, several companies acted like I was bothering them. At the end of the day, some dealers are willing to ask questions to help with picking out a mattress and patiently answer all questions. When we are considering spending 2000-3000 on a mattress, customer service can make the difference on a sale.

Hi BigCTM,

I couldnā€™t agree more. Sometimes itā€™s also a matter of who we are dealing with or even the ā€œmoodā€ of that person but in the end these are internal issues and when there is a clear difference ā€¦ it would also make a difference in my choices. Both of the outlets you have mentioned are examples of outlets where the customer service and ā€œhelpful attitudeā€ are consistently high IMO.