Customized Mattress Covers Options?

Hi - do you know if there are any companies able to customize tall mattress covers for DIY mattresses? Even as high as 15 - 18 inches? Thanks

Hi AT,

I haven’t talked recently with the different vendors in the component post here about all the cover options they currently have available (websites are often not up to date) but a quick glance shows me that you have a few options:

Sleep on Latex makes covers larger than 6” in house as a custom order. They may be able to do something larger. You’d have to phone them to find out.
Sleep Like a Bear offers custom sizes.
DIY Natural Bedding offers a kit where you can custom order extra fabric for thicker sizes. I don’t know if they would make one for you themselves but you could call and ask.
Foam Order can create custom sized covers. – you have to call them for their complete selection.

This listing is of course by no means complete but it should give you a good start.