Cutting up a mattress

Ok, I know this video ends up with a small promo for the Helix Sleep system, which I’m actually considering. However, I’m posting it because it’s the first time I’ve seen anyone cut into a mattress. The mattress they cut into was a $3200 mattress and it was replaced by a king size Helix mattress.

Hi mdgail1,

Interesting video :slight_smile:

While I know that’s not why you posted the video … there’s also more about mattress surgery and how to take a mattress apart for those who are hoping to “fix” a mattress instead of destroying it in the mattress surgery reference post here.


It was interesting. I enjoyed it because it wasn’t really a sales pitch. Sure, they have a $50 coupon but I like it because the owner mentioned how quickly a $3200 mattress sagged after buying it. I think he said within a year it was sagging. I suspect that the guy who made the video was sent a king sized mattress but his channel appears to be about determing “what’s inside”. He’s got some other interesting videos too but I did think his mattress was interesting. Did you notice how many layers were inside his mattress? Must have been ten or more layers.

Hi dmgail1,

Yes I noticed … and almost all of the top layers above the pocket coils (except the thin layer of latex) were probably lower quality/density polyfoam which is the reason that it started sagging so quickly.


Yup, and this is how people get ripped off by the commercial market. They pay for a mattress that they know nothing about and take the word of a sales person. I find it amusing that mattress stores are still in existence.