Cyber Attack

Today I went to the Phoenix Premium Mattress store in Phoenix. I found the staff scrambling because they discovered their computer system had been hit by a cyber attack :angry: . If you go to their website now, it tells you that their website is infected with malware. This message comes to you courtesy of Yahoo.

I can assure you president Ken is ready to work and spent a great deal of time explaining the quality he puts into their beds.

I just want people to know that these guys can be reached at their phone numbers of 623-580-0288 and 888-773-7326.

I have not bought from them yet, but I sure like what I see. :slight_smile:

Hi smallworld,

Thanks for the heads up.

I can only imagine what Ken and company must be going through.

I sure hope they manage to get this resolved quickly


Hmmm. Thanks for the heads up. I was wondering what was up with that as I was receiving that warning yesterday. It looks like everything is fine today though.

Yup… fine enough for me to buy a nice big Talalay mattress this morning! :woohoo: